Student Life

Life beyond studies

The following pages will give you an overview of matters which are not directly related to studying but are of course part of your life as a student. 

Some of these matters will be quite important for your daily life in Karlsruhe:

  • Where will you live
  • Where will you get food
  • What do you need the CampusCard for
  • What kind of transport facilities are available in Karlsruhe, to move around or have a small excursion
  • How can the AStA help me
  • What do you need to do when you wish to have a small job

Other information helps you with your spare time activities:

  • Cultural experiences for those interested in music, arts, seminars, parties...
  • Sports facilities
  • Excursions for students who want to see the sights of the Karlsruhe region
  • Tandems with other students, for language learning, studying together, or fun

Perhaps you are interested to help other students as an alumnus, or by joining a faculty's or program's Freundeskreis (friends' association)