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Dear Students,

Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences is especially proud to offer our students excellent services and care, during all stages of your studies. There are several possibilities to adapt your studies to your individual wishes or requirements: do you plan to spend a semester at a partner university, or do your traineeship semester abroad? Or would you rather prepare your entry into job market? At HsKA, you will find support to fulfill your plans.

On the following pages, you will find an overview of the services and counseling offered at HsKA, as well as information about the different stages and organization of your study life.

Please send us an email to swk[at]hs-karlsruhe.de if you have further questions or in case of incomplete information.

Online Services

Access for HsKA students to the online services, LSF and Ilias (in German language only).


Various institutions are at your disposal to help with questions you might have during your studies.

Student life in Karlsruhe

Information about life outside studies

Center of Competence

For issues about career planning you are welcome to contact the Center of Competence.

Service institutions

Do you need a book, do you need advice on IT matters by the Information Center, or take a language course at the IFS? The following service institutions will help you to boost your studies.

Faculties and degree programs at a glance

An overview of HsKA degree programs and faculties.


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