Exmatrikulation (i.e. deregistration) will end your membership of HsKA. It may be carried out at your request, or you are expelled compulsorily by the HsKA for various reasons:

  • when you transfer to another university to graduate there
  • when you quit your studies
  • when you lose your right to sit exams
  • when you fail exams for a final time
  • when you do not pass exams within the required timeframe
  • when you fail to re-enrol for the next semester before the deadline
  • when you successfully finish your studies
  • when your studies are not yet finished successfully (in case of external finals)

The deregistration application form (in German language only) is available on the Downloads page or at the Student Registry information desk (building R).

When you leave Karlsruhe / Germany at the end of your studies here, remember to:

  • deregister at the Academic Library, which will have to confirm on the form that you have no outstanding books.
  • deregister at the university (exmatrikulieren)
  • deregister your residence at the Bürgerbüro (abmelden)
  • close your bank account, or keep it open until you have received your housing deposit or your last salary (if applicable).
  • make an appointment with the superintendent of your residence / your landlord to return the key and to have your room checked. If you paid a deposit, make arrangements to get it back. The deposit will only be paid back in full if the room is in good condition.
  • leave your home address at the Student Registry.