Service Center for Teaching and Learning SCSL

The Service-Center Studium und Lehre (Service Center for Teaching and Learning) is your contact for all study-related questions during every stage of your studies, starting with choosing the right program for you and your first days at HsKA until your graduation. 

Our job: 

  • Counsel applicants on the programs offered at HsKA, helping them choose the appropriate program.
  • Give an overview about grants and other financial possibilities. 
  • Facilitate the initial period of studies for new students by offering several preparatory and introductory services.
  • Suggest efficient study methods in order to sucessfully pass exams.
  • Support students with disabilities and / or chronic conditions.
  • Act as a first contact in case of confidential study-related problems.

Your choice:

  • Ease your way into the first semester by means of the multi-speed entry program "Erfolgreich starten" (Successful start, for students of the Bachelor's programs in Business Information Systems, Industrial Automation, Information Technology, Mechatronics, Sensorics). For more information please see the German-language pages.
  • Get up to speed with the refresher courses in mathematics or physics, or prepare for your studies with "Lerntechniken für effektives Studieren" (Studying techniques to increase efficiency).
  • Why not join a study tandem or study group, via the exchange at the HsKA ILIAS platform (in German language)
  • Help us maintain quality and improve study conditions, by participating in the regular surveys and evaluations for teachers/classes.

Your contact persons:

Oliver Broschart, Counseling


Please contact for:

  • Director of SCSL
  • Choice of study program
  • Study decision
  • Financing
  • Study organization
  • Learning methods
  • Questions and problems regarding learning, other study problems
  • Pastoral care for students with disability and / or chronic condition

Building B, room 114 (first floor)

Phone: +49(0)721 925-1071

Email: oliver.broschartspam

Annette Radke, Counseling

Dipl.-Informatikerin, FH

Please contact for:

  • General counseling on choice of study
  • Counseling of pupils regarding choice of study
  • Design of an online portal for potential applicants

Building B, room 115 (first floor)

Phone: +49(0)721 925-1088

Email: annette.radkespam

Julia Sarti, project coordinator for "Successful Start"


Please contact for:

  • Vice-director of SCSL
  • "Erfolgreich starten" (successful start) program
  • Project coordinator for "Erfolgreich starten plus"
  • Refresher courses
  • Learning methods
  • Mathematics placement test

Building B, room 116 (first floor)

Phone: +49(0)721 925-1093

Email: julia.sartispam

Annette Bauer, project "Successful Start Plus"


Please contact for:

  • "Erfolgreich starten plus" (successful start plus) program (see German-language webpages)
  • Especially organization of the foundation studies' program "split 2 into 4" at Faculty IMM
  • Learning methods
  • Mathematics placement test

Building B, room 116 (first floor)

Phone: +49(0)721 925-1118

Email: annette.bauerspam

Simone Meßmer, project "Successful Start Plus"

Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (FH)

  • Assistant for the program "Erfolgreich starten plus" (successful start plus, see German-language webpages)
  • Support with organizing and implementing the refresher courses, split semesters, and mathematics placement test
  • Help with organizing and implementing seminars, networking events, and visits of school classes

Building B, room 115 (first floor)

Phone: +49(0)721 925-1134

Email: simone.messmerspam

Nadia Reiser, secretary

Dipl.-Verwaltungswirtin (FH)

  • Administration of SCSL and contracts
  • Office hours:
    Monday, Tuesday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    Thursday, Friday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Building B, room 116 (first floor)

Phone: +49(0)721 925-1114

Email: nadia.reiserspam


Service-Center Studium und Lehre

Office hours:

Advice for pupils and future students:
Tel. +49(0)721 925-1088

Students/change of program or university:
Tel. +49(0)721 925-1071

Monday–Thursday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Individual counseling by prior appointment

Building B, rooms 114 and 115
Moltkestr. 30, 76133 Karlsruhe
Email studienberatung[at]

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