Karlsruhe: a good place to live and study

The city of Karlsruhe is an important commercial and administrative center in south-west Germany with over 300,000 inhabitants. It is situated in the Rhine valley, on the border of the Black Forest, and has a comparatively mild climate with warm summers. Its proximity to France and Switzerland offer many opportunities for excursions.

Karlsruhe and the surrounding "TechnologyRegion" is also well-known for being "Germany's Think Tank", as Europe's highest ratio of researchers can be found here. Engineers, natural scientists and computer scientists carry out state-of-the art research in many high-tech companies and well-known research institutions.

Eight higher education institutions with about 30,000 students in total make Karlsruhe a young and modern city. After studying, you can enjoy life as you wish - relaxing at one of Karlsruhe's many cafés or pubs or visiting the local cultural attractions.

Karlsruhe is also known as the City of Justice: Not only are Germany's two highest courts located here - the Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court) and the Bundesgerichtshof (Federal Court of Justice) - but Karlsruhe is also home of the Baden Constitution of 1818.

Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences is ideally located within the city’s green belt and at the same time very close to the city center (a 10 minute walk). The university buildings, library, student canteen, and residence halls are all close together on campus. Students can reach all important places on foot within a few minutes.

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Life beyond studies

The following pages will give you an overview of matters which are not directly related to studying but are of course part of your life as a student. 

Some of these matters will be quite important for your daily life in Karlsruhe:

  • Where will you live
  • Where will you get food
  • What do you need the CampusCard for
  • What kind of transport facilities are available in Karlsruhe, to move around or go on a small excursion
  • How can AStA help you
  • What do you need to do if you want to apply for a part-time job

Other information that will help you with your spare time activities:

  • Tandem Plus will help you find a partner who speaks the language you want to practice, in exchange for teaching your language and culture
  • Cultural experiences for those interested in music, arts, seminars, parties...
  • Sport facilities
  • Excursions for students who want to see the sights of the Karlsruhe region
  • Cooperation with other students: you can use the search engine of the Student Services for language tandems, mentoring, or resident assistants

Perhaps you are interested in help other students as an alumnus, or by joining a faculty's or program's Freundeskreis (friends' association).