Sports facilities

Sports on-campus

Whether you like lacrosse, underwater rugby or ninjutso, or prefer traditional sports like basketball, gymnastics or athletics - no problem, because the University of Karlsruhe KIT offers a comprehensive range of sports courses, which all students of Karlsruhe institutions can use, for a small semester fee. For details, please see the KIT sports pages.


HsKA offers a special program for top athletes, which helps them synchronize their schedules for training and participation in competitions with their academic life, by cooperating with HsKA and the Allgemeine Deutsche Hochschulsportverband (German Association of University Sports) since 2005.

Fitness and fun

In addition, Karlsruhe has many gyms, swimming pools, sports facilities, lakes, bike paths, and hiking trails, providing students with ample facilities for any sport. Students can also get a reduced rate on admission to public swimming pools in Karlsruhe. For an overview of the sports facilities in Karlsruhe and contact details, please see the official website of the city of Karlsruhe.