Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Architecture (B, M)
Civil Engineering (B, M)
Civil Engineering Tri-national (B, M)
Construction Management (M)
Construction Management and Economics (B)
Environmental Civil Engineering (B)

Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems

Business Information Systems (B, M)
Computer Science (B, M)
Computer Science, Media and Communications (B)
Data Science (B)
International IT Business (B)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (B, M)
Sensor Systems Technology (M)

Faculty of Information Management and Media

Communication and Media Management (B, M)
Culture, Media and Technologies (B)
Geo-Information Management (B)
Geodesy and Navigation (B)
Geomatics (M)
Transportation Management (B, M)

Faculty of Management Science and Engineering

Business Administration and Engineering (B, M)
International Management (B, M)
Technology - Entrepreneurship (M)
Tricontinental Master in Global Studies (M)

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

Automotive Engineering (B)
Automotive Systems Engineering (M)
Mechanical Engineering (B, M)
Mechatronics (B, M)
Mechatronic and Micro-Mechatronic Systems (M)

Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Mechatronics are also offered as German-French double degree program option in cooperation with ENSMM in Besançon, France. For details, see the Faculty's German-language webpages.