Studying at the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Increased practical requirements

Tasks in construction engineering are becoming increasingly complex, its boundary conditions more restrictive and its challenges for man and material greater.

In times of high energy prices, higher and slimmer constructions have led to increased requirements of materials and construction in efforts toward achieving profitability and energy balance. Also, planners and executors are greatly challenged to implement the possibilities opened up through new materials and construction procedures with the help of innovative design engineering and calculation methods.

Solution approaches are needed that require highly specialized expert knowledge. Architects and engineers must have a deep expert knowledge and a high competence in applying scientific methods.

Our answer

Our faculty faces the increasing demands of industry and business by offering modern, internationally-oriented and accredited degree programs.

Teaching staff and students of the disciplines Architecture, Construction Management, Civil Engineering, and Infrastructure Engineering work closely together. Several cross-disciplinary courses are designed for students of these disciplines.

The degree programs of our faculty are extremely popular. The number of applicants for our degree programs are much higher than the number of placements available. Many degree programs are overbooked by up to 30%. In addition, many students who have decided to make a career change join us in the higher semesters - which also speaks for the attractiveness of our university.