Versuchsanstalt für Wasserbau VAW (Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering)

The Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering (RIHE) was founded in 1973. It is equipped with three flumes of different sizes, among them one tilting flume. The capacity of the pumps allows hydraulic experiments and model tests up to a discharge of 300 l/s. Flow velocities can be measured by classic current meters as well as by 3D- ultrasonic probes (3D –ADV) and by particle image velocimetry (PIV). Water depths and pressure are measured by ultrasonic stage gauges and piezo pressure probes.

The research in the RIHE is mainly practically oriented. Research work model tests and field measurements were carried out i.e. on flood protection, flow resistance of flexible vegetation, flow optimization of different hydraulic structures, infiltration of pavement, hydraulic capacity of soil filters, aggradation of sediments at a gauge station. Furthermore the HRL provides demonstrations and practical training within the of civil engineering curriculum and also allows theses with experimental background. Since 2007 a virtual laboratory (ViWaLa) is incorporated in the RIHE.

The Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering is part of the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering.


Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering
Prof. Dr. Norbert Eisenhauer

Moltkestr. 30, 76133 Karlsruhe
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