Studying at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

The degree programs at the Faculty EIT will be interesting for students who have an inquisitive and creative mind, who want to know why something works the way it does, and how to make it work better and more efficiently. By choosing electrical engineering and information technology, young people who love to experiment and design new devices will be made available a high-quality and innovative education offering excellent job opportunities.

Sound basics

  • For all four bachelor's programs offered by the Faculty EIT, the foundation studies have a comparable curriculum. This makes it possible to switch between programs during this time, in accordance with the usual selection procedure for applicants into a higher semester. 
  • The Institut für Naturwissenschaftliche Ingenieurgrundlagen INIG (Institute of Natural Sciences Education for Engineers) located at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology coordinates the basic scientific education which forms part of almost all degree programs at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

Wide range of specializations

  • With the advanced courses, the basic knowledge is expanded and special skills are acquired. The content of the specialization subjects are continually adjusted to meet current requirements and developments. 
  • In addition, students acquire personal key qualifications and economic skills, both by General Studies courses (see German-language website) and by the project and team work in the course of their studies.
  • The Institut für Fremdsprachen IFS (Foreign Language Institute) offers various language courses free-of-charge.