Bachelor's programs at Faculty IMM

The Faculty of Information Management & Media offers the following bachelor's degree programs:


Geodesy and Navigation (B.Sc.)

Geodesy and Navigation are key technologies making possible many engineering projects and information systems, e.g. tunnel construction or the development of navigation systems.


Geo-Information Management (B.Sc.)

Geoinformation is produced, analyzed and visualized in nearly all areas of a life which is more and more digitally affected: satellite images, 3D data, Serious Gaming, or augmented-reality-applications. Specializations in Geomarketing, Web Cartography & Geomedia, and Environment are offered.

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Communication and Media Management (B.A.)

This degree program will give you the know-how to work in the field of specialized communication, presenting technical and scientific matters in an understandable and user-oriented way. Graduates typically work in the areas of technical communication, linguistics and information management, visualization/design, public relations, trainings, and e-learning.


Transportation Management (B.Eng.)

Making traffic move in an innovative, forward-looking, and sustainable way: The bachelor's degree program in Transportation Management, with its interdisciplinary content and international cooperation partners, will show you how to design mobility.




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