Exchange students welcome!

Thank you for your interest in the degree program Communication and Media Management (Kommunikation und Medienmanagement, KMM). The Bachelor’s program follows an interdisciplinary approach and connects the fields of linguistics and communication, visualization/design, IT, and the fundamentals of natural sciences and technology. Thus, the curriculum encompasses numerous courses on different levels and from different fields.

Are you interested in

  • imparting specialized knowledge in a comprehensible way?
  • visualizing complex facts?
  • broadening your media literacy?

If you further like working on projects in small groups and wish to gain hands-on experience, the KMM courses may be just right for you. KMM students acquire a broad knowledge base enabling them to work in the fields of specialized communication, media, and information logistics.

Even if you are not a KMM exchange student but accepted for an exchange program with any other degree program at HsKA, you may include one or several KMM courses as individual modules in your learning agreement. Please contact the exchange coordinator at your home institution to find out whether the courses will be accepted.

Professional activities and career prospects

KMM graduates accomplish various jobs with a broad scope of activities:

  • Information management, i. e. gathering and organizing information and editing it for media representation
  • Describing, visualizing, and designing/presenting complex facts
  • Editing results from science and research for comprehensible representation
  • Developing teaching and training materials for various media and media combinations, including e-learning and blended learning
  • Language and translation management
  • Analyzing, designing, and implementing processes in the field of information logistics
  • IT-based organization and management of information assets
  • Public relations

The scope of activities is varied, and so are the career prospects. The job market offers many opportunities for KMM graduates and the demand for qualified specialists keeps on growing.


The KMM Bachelor’s curriculum enables you to acquire skills and knowledge in the following fields:

  • Knowledge transfer, especially between experts and laypersons
  • Phrasing competencies and professional usage of the German language
  • Competencies in (intercultural) communication and comprehension research
  • Internationalization strategies
  • Linguistic standardization and re-use with the help of content management and authoring systems
  • English language skills
  • Knowledge of illustration and visualization methods
  • IT knowledge in the fields of information management, multimedia, Internet, e-learning, programming, and databases
  • Design and implementation of corporate design and corporate language as essential elements of a corporate identity
  • Knowledge in the fields of media didactics and media psychology
  • Organization, planning, and project management
  • Fundamental knowledge in engineering

If you are interested in the KMM courses but you think your knowledge of the German language is not sufficient for participating, please do not hesitate to contact us. Even though most courses are taught in German, in some cases – especially in project works – individual mentoring in English may be possible. In the 'Downloads' section, you will find a list of suitable courses.

Admission requirements

For detailed information on general administrative steps, please get in touch with the HsKA International Office.

The KMM exchange coordinators and professors will provide you with further information related to the courses of the degree program Communication and Media Management. In the 'Downloads' section, you will find a list of suitable courses for English-speaking exchange students and the contact data of the responsible professors.

International students who wish to acquire a degree at HsKA as full-time degree students are required to pass the regular admission process. As professional language usage is essential in technical communication, a near-native level of German is required for obtaining a KMM degree. For further information and to download the admission regulations, please refer to the German website.

Internship and studying abroad

The 5th semester of the regular Bachelor‘s program is an internship with 95 days of attendance at a company or an organization. During this semester, KMM students apply in practice the skills obtained during the first 4 semesters of study.

Internship Semester abroad

Many students seize the opportunity to spend their Internship Semester abroad. Our students have already been to Brazil, China, Malaysia, South Africa, France, Great Britain, Russia, Singapore, or the USA.

Studying abroad

The HsKA International Office and the KMM professors also provide support for those students who wish to spend a semester at a university abroad.


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