Communication and Media Management

The degree program Communication and Media Management (Kommunikation und Medienmanagement, KMM) has evolved from its predecessor “Technical Communication”, which was established in 1996. Since then, a lot has happened: The rapid development of new media has given rise to new technical opportunities that need to be explained and furthermore need to be used effectively. This requires experts with technical know-how who also know when to use which medium.
The new name Communication and Media Management implies an enhancement of media literacy, without giving up the assets of the previous concept. The profile of the program now also enables our students to succeed in activities from the peripherals of conventional technical communication. KMM graduates work in fields such as information, knowledge, and language management, as well as in science and research, and in public relations or marketing.


KMM students have the possibility to use the following equipment for their courses and project works:

Computer rooms

We provide 3 PC rooms with 120 computers equipped with the latest software.

Photography studio

The photography studio is equipped for classical product photography. It provides studio lighting and computers with calibratable screens for professional image editing.

Usability laboratory

The usability laboratory provides high-end computers, video cameras, and microphones for professional editing of usability testing and other videos.

Multimedia laboratory

The multimedia laboratory offers 16 iMac workplaces as well as software for creating 3D simulations, webinars, and podcasts.

Media usage

Besides classical prepress, new and social media play an important role. Our students

  • coordinate and organize project works using project management tools via web server
  • use cloud-based platforms to optimize their cooperation
  • evaluate the quality of documents in video-based usability testings
  • learn to organize information and information flows using wikis
  • process (XML-)structured technical contents for multiple media, such as e-books, PDF, web, apps, feeds, using self-developed scripts 
  • develop apps complementing or substituting classical representations of information
  • develop and evaluate webinars and podcasts, sometimes in cooperation with global enterprises

University ranking

Just like in previous years, KMM achieved a top rank in the 2014 University Ranking of the CHE (Centre for Higher Education) and the weekly magazine DIE ZEIT. In the area of media and communication science, KMM is among the top three degree programs in Germany.


Besides their teaching activities, the KMM professors engage themselves with the following topics, both as consultants and in research projects:

  • Methods of information and content management (measurement of efficiency and metrics, variant management, modularization, meta data and classification schemes, information delivery and knowledge management)
  • Information systems in technical communication (methodology of system evaluation, application scenarios)
  • Internationalization and localization methods
  • Fundamental research in terminology science as well as mono- and multilingual terminology management
  • Fundamental research in functional und generative grammar, including text grammar
  • Computer linguistics and language technology, focus: automatic author recognition
  • Interactive 2D und 3D animations, utility videos
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality in e-learning and in technical documentation
  • Web 2.0 technologies in technical communication
  • Text optimization und structuring
  • Information architectures (standardized information models and specialized data and information modeling)
  • Didactic typography


Both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s degree program have been accredited without conditions since February 16, 2009.

Professional association – tekom e. V.

The European Association for Technical Communication – tekom Europe e. V. is an established association giving both graduates and students the opportunity to attend conferences and country organization events and share their experience.


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