Transport Management Bachelor Degree Program

The Transport Management Bachelor Degree Program started in the winter semester of 2012/13. This bachelor program has a unique concept with interdisciplinary teaching at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. Beyond classical study programs, this Bachelor degree offers a multidisciplinary Mobility approach along with the required knowledge of mobility, transport, technology, economics, and sustainability.

Tasks and different application fields

With different tasks and different application fields, the Transportation Management Degree Program offers multiple options for a professional future, for example:

  • Engineering consultants
  • Public transport companies
  • Rail-oriented companies
  • Transport consultancy companies
  • Transport organizations
  • Planning associations
  • Local, regional and national authorities, governments and ministries
  • Universities and research institutions
  • All areas of mobility management (for example E-mobility)
  • Transport Software Development Companies
  • Mobility Information Systems Companies
  • Automotive Industry
  • Mobility service providers
  • Cutting-edge services and technologies
  • Transport industry


It is a unique bachelor degree program in cooperation with different partners that combines the relevant content of different disciplines, and trains students to cope with the complex field of transportation management. The study location is Karlsruhe. With many different transport related companies and universities, Karlsruhe offers the best conditions to design a sustainable transport study program. Moreover, the city of Karlsruhe and the region of Baden Württemberg are magnets for important transport-related Industry headquarters.

Program Design

The Transportation Management Bachelor Degree Program comprises seven semesters. Mobility and Transport are the core subjects in this higher education program.




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Study program Transport Management

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