Program Design

The Transportation Management Master’s Degree Program comprises three or four semesters, depending on the amount of credits taken each semester. Transportation is the cornerstone of this master program.

The Transportation Management Master’s Degree Program is accessible to bachelor graduates coming from different fields of study. Therefore, the first semester provides an in-depth knowledge of transport analysis (Lecture and Project) as well as transport planning and traffic engineering (Lecture and practical exercises).
In addition, this semester includes soft-skills and a first independent project.

The second semester is a theory module of the transport systems for the different transport modes. The other subjects are divided into two project modules, each with 12 CP according to the ECTS.

The third semester essentially includes the master thesis and the associated final examination. Master students are required to supervise undergraduate students in an Academic report, for example, in the framework of a Research project. Master students also have the opportunity to teaching and get involved in other research activities.

The project modules from the first and second semester are defined in different areas, such as:

  • Transport telematics
  • Transport economics
  • Transport ecology
  • Transport safety
  • Public transport
  • Research and development projects

This master’s degree program distinguishes from others due to its specific profile.

Program content is project-oriented:

  • Interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Individual specialization focus
  • Taking part of real projects in applied research
  • Publishing own results in journals
  • The best possible preparation for working life

Experience Internationalization through:

  • Joint Master with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
  • Cooperation with different Universities abroad, such as, University of Waterloo, McGill University, Montreal, UNIFEBE Brusque, University of the Philippines
  • Erasmus semester abroad
  • Foreign Excursions and Projects

Open to diverse prospective students:

  • Graduates in Computer Science and Engineering degree programs in the fields of Mobility, Transport, Logistics, Geodesy, Geography, Civil Engineering, Urban Planning, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering
  • 6- or 7-semester Bachelor University programs

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