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Since 2011, the University of Waterloo, Mc Gill University and Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences have developed an international exchange program including workshops, professional seminars, conference presentations and faculty exchanges. Since 2017 the University Centre of Brusque - UNIFEBE, the School of Urban and Regional Planning of the University of the Philippines, the New jersey Institute of Technology and later, in 2018, the Polytechnic University of Madrid – UPM also joined the exchange activities with the Hochschule Karlsruhe. During the course of the years the exchange has grown in quality of work and the level of engagement. Other Universities have started different collaboration agreements with our Program, like New Jersey University. For this reason, the Hochschule Karlsruhe hosted in May 2019 a one-week student workshop and a one-day young researcher conference with approx. 80 participants from our partner universities and interested universities.


This workshop focuses on moving forward regarding the concept of sustainable mobility, deriving best practices across the international experiences. The program aims to sensitize students, young researchers and faculty on the topic of sustainable mobility fostering international exchange. The explorations are not only technical, but also include cultural understandings and social norms. It considers the broad disciplines needed to achieve contemporary urban transportation goals - economics, political science, law, and environment.

20th-24th May: Student workshop

The one-week student workshops brought together students from the different partner universities to work jointly to find solutions in the field of sustainable mobility. In mixed groups the students exchanged experiences, compared different approaches, learned from each other and developed sustainable solutions for real world problems. As the Hochschule Karlsruhe is currently developing a new campus masterplan to achieve carbon neutral mobility, the workshop was focused on the topic “Future Campus Mobility”. Based on the example of the campus of Hochschule Karlsruhe the students explored different topics for mobility solutions. At the end the student groups presented their analysis, visions, concepts and sketches for “Future Campus Mobility” on a symposium that took part on Friday 24th to a broader audience of practitioners from federal state, county, and municipality level.

22nd May: Young researchers’ conferenceOn Wednesday, the Hochschule Karlsruhe hosted “The Science behind Hands-on Sustainable Mobility” Conference. The conference was targeting young researchers in the field of transportation science and traffic management, whose research is related to sustainable mobility. The event was focused on applied research including research approaches such as real-world case studies, city or living labs, action research, participatory design etc. The conference with approx. 100 participants from academia and practitioners provided an international perspective on the promotion of and transition towards sustainable mobility measures promoting the exchange of experiences between different places in both developed and developing countries.

Conference Proceedings


The Science behind Hands on Sustainable Mobility - Young Researchers Conference, Karlsruhe May 22th, 2019
Final Program Internacional Conference

Hands on Sustainable Mobility - International Students Workshop and Conference, Karlsruhe May 19th – 24th, 2019
Final Program International Workshop

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The Workshop & Conference are partially funded by the projects: ,,Sustainable Urban Mobility Manilla”. A project BWS-plus, the project is funded by the Baden-Württemberg STIPENDIUMs for Students – BWS-plus.


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