The Institut für Geomatik (Institute of Geomatics) within the Faculty of Geomatics conducts research and development in all fields of geomatics: photogrammetry, remote sensing, cartography, GPS, establishment and further development of geographical information systems.

The professors' various areas of specialization at the Institute complement each other, covering the whole spectrum of research. This leads to synergistic relationships for complex projects.

Typical projects:
  • Data collection (GPS, photogrammetry, etc.) and effective presentation of archaeological findings (3-D visualization, archaeological information systems, etc.) for many projects at home and abroad
  • 3D-Laserscanning for documentation, virtual reassembly or reproduction of archeological monuments
  • 3D-visualization of plans for improved clarity and as a basis for simulations
  • Use of remote exploration data to produce basic geo-spatial data and thematic information
  • Use of satellite measurements (GPS) for tasks of global dimensions (e.g., design of national power supply systems) and deformation measurement and analysis for engineering projects
  • Processing and modeling of data, including the necessary system modifications, in facility management systems

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Institut für Geomatik
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reiner Jäger

Moltkestr. 30, 76133 Karlsruhe
Phone +49(0)721 925-2620
Fax +49(0)721 925-2591
Email reiner.jaegerspam

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