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By studying at our faculty, you lay the foundation for life-long excellent career opportunities. Your studies are based on well-founded theories, practical knowledge and cosmopolitan thinking in the subject areas business administration and engineering, and international management.


International Management

International Management is a wide-ranging degree program of business administration with a strong focus on international integration and networking in the business world. Our graduates have excellent job and career opportunities in the fields of industry, trade, consulting and financial services and are well equipped for the specialist, manager and project tasks.

Bachelor's program in International Management

Master's program in International Management


Business Administration and Engineering

The degree program Business Administration and Engineering trains engineers to combine technology and business administration. Since the introduction of this degree program at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences in 1965, the first such program of its kind, its training courses and teaching have gained an excellent reputation in industry. In the university rankings of the Wirtschaftswoche magazine, it has achieved top rankings for several years running. Graduates of this degree program act as expert liaisons in large enterprises, preferably in the automobile industry, mechanical engineering, electronics, aviation, computer science and services and consulting.

Bachelor's program in Business Administration and Engineering

Master's program in Business Administration and Engineering


Tricontinental Master in Global Studies

The university course Tricontinental Master in Global Studies is an interdisciplinary, practice-and internationally-oriented, consecutive degree programme. Business, economic, legal, cultural and political aspects combined with extensive methodical knowledge are imparted to the students. All lectures are held in English. An essential feature of this programme is that the first three semesters are completed jointly by all students in three different locations: at HsKA Karlsruhe/Germany, at Chung Hsing University in Taichung/Taiwan and at Universidad de Monterrey/Mexico. The master's thesis is written at an international organization or company in the forth semester.

Master's program Tricontinental Master in Global Studies


Technology Entrepreneurship

The Master’s program in Technology Entrepreneurship (M.Sc.) is a three-semester degree program designed for students that are interested in business start-ups, corporate entrepreneurship, and company successorship in a technological environment. The program offers the possibility for students to further develop their own entrepreneurial endeavors in a practical manner (e.g. by means of a technology project) and by using the necessary theoretical and academic tools.  A distinctive feature of the study program is the close connection between university and entrepreneurs, who contribute their own know-how to the study program in various ways.

Master's program in Technology Entrepreneurship (information in German language only)


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