Is the degree program Tricontinental Master in Global Studies offered in the winter and the summer semester?

The programme Tricontinental Master in Global Studies is offered in the winter semester only.

Until when and how can I apply?

The application deadline for the winter semester of each year is 15th June. Applications are accepted only via the Online-Application.

What requirements must be met in order to be approved?

Successful completion of a bachelor's or graduate degree program in business administration, economics, management or similar fields comprising a minimum of at least 180 ECTS points as well as very good English skills.
For more information about admission requirements and the selection process, please see the admission regulations.

What is the medium of instruction?

The courses will be held in English only.

How many times can I repeat failed examinations?

Failed examinations can be repeated once. Details are governed by the study and examination regulations.

Can previous academic achievements be recognized?

Academic achievements that were successfully performed within master programs of other universities may be recognized, if they meet the required educational content of the programme in terms of content and scope. The examination board decides about the individual cases’ recognitions.

For more information about the course content, see the appropriate module description.

What time period does the preparation of the master's thesis comprise?

The master's thesis is scheduled to be written during the entire fourth semester. It should be written, if possible, in an international company or an international organisation. The  master thesis has to be written in English.

Where can I find study and examination regulations, admission statutes and module descriptions?

The study and examination regulations, the admission regulations and the module handbook with information on teaching contents and qualification objectives can be found in the download section of this course.

Can I find timetables online?

For enrolled students individual timetables and current information on course activities and exams is provided on the information platform InfoTools. The curriculum and the module description serve as an orientation for prospective students.

How much are the tuition fees?

You can find information on fees and funding possibilities here.

You can find information on the “Semesterbeitrag” (a social contribution paid by every student of the university) here.