Teaching at the Faculty of Management Science and Engineering

One of the faculty’s biggest aims is to have the best graduates. Therefore we provide our students with an excellent academic education.

This overview gives a first impression of the special teaching formats, courses and concepts used at Faculty W. Details and further information can be found on the following (German) pages:

The Mathematics Tutoring Centerprovides additional support for bachelor students. For an appointment, please contact Ms Sandra Lehning.

The Schreibberatung (academic writing guidance) will help you if you experience problems while writing a paper or thesis. It is organized by students for fellow students and takes place in K011 on Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Contact: Ms Sina Münch

Students have access to computers with operating system Windows 7, equipped with programming and modeling tools, office, and software for statistics and mathematics. Also available are black-and-white laser printers and beamers.

Various workshops, events and seminars, some of which are held in English. E.g.:

Elective International Business Strategies
Design Thinking Workshop
Excursions to global players and hidden champions


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