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Mechatronics - the term comes from a combination of mechanics and electronics - describes the merging of the classical engineering disciplines of mechanics and electronics with the fields of optics and computer science. Mechatronics is one of HsKA's most modern degree programs and its graduates are in great demand in industry. The course content is continuously updated in close co-operation with the business world. The degree program teaches modern methodology and offers attractive opportunities to acquire key qualifications.

A career with a future

The demand for mechatronics engineers is growing due to the increasing combination of mechanical, electronic and optical functions in technical products and the automation of production processes. Graduates of this degree program can be found in all sectors of industry.

Mechatronics demands an inter-disciplinary way of thinking and working, combining the classical engineering disciplines. Traineeships (including study abroad), foreign language courses and optional social science subjects make it easier for students to acquire the appropriate key qualifications. Nevertheless, specialization is possible. Mechatronics graduates are frequently entrusted with demanding tasks in the world of business, often attaining management positions.