Studying successfully

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics offers several approaches to support students, especially those who are new at the university and experience trouble to keep up or wish to catch up on missing practice. Students decide themselves which of the following courses might be suitable for them.

Preparatory courses

How long has it been since you had a mathematics or physics class - maybe a few years have passed since your schooldays? The "Brückenkurse" literally bridge the gap if you want to brush up on your school-level knowledge, and introduce you to learning techniques. These preparatory courses take place before the official start of lectures. For further information, please see the German-language pages


For some lectures, senior students conduct tutorials to deepen the subject matter by means of exercises.

Learning centers

Two learning centers, for mathematics and for electrical engineering, help you to better understand the subject by offering additional courses, training labs, and advice, as well as a special mathematics course tailored to the needs of first-semester students. 

For further information please see the German-language pages for the Mathematics Learning Center and the Electrical Engineering Learning Center.


Start at your own pace with "Erfolgreich starten"

You don't feel confident with your previous knowledge? Or need more time to fill gaps? Then you might be interested in the  "Erfolgreich Starten“ program: The modules of the first study semester are spread over two semesters, thereby increasing the study period to 8 semesters. In addition, there are auxiliary tutorials and remedial classes. After filling in the knowledge gaps students will continue regular studies in the third semester.

For details please see the German-language pages

TeamUp-Mentoring program

You don't know how to cope with ILIAS, LSF and the online services? No clue how to register for an exam? Don't feel at home at HsKA (yet)? Karlsruhe is unfamiliar territory? You need some hints how to organize your studies and how to prepare best for lectures and exams?

Then the mentoring program might be a good solution for you: A mentor (senior student) helps you to settle in. We recommend that you contact us in the course of the first week of lectures. For details please see the German-language pages