Double Graduation

Integrated Study Program in Geomatics (IPG): The Faculty of Information Management and Media offers a two-year binational Master’s degree program in cooperation with the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Students get the chance of spending generally one year at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and one year at the Spanish partner university in Valencia. They receive their Master’s degrees from both universities. German students need to be registered for the International Geomatics Master’s program. In this process, their first degree is checked if it can be considered as 'affine', otherwise three semesters at HsKA may be required for obtaining the double degree.

Further Information and Required Documents

List of required documents for applicants from UP Valencia for pursuing double graduation

    1. Certificate of titulation „Ingeniero Técnico en Topografía“
    2. Pre-register form
    3. Application form
    4. Curriculum vitae
    5. Recommendation letter for Master program Geomatics (signed by Dr. Ángel Marqués Mateu)
    6. Individual curriculum (from Dr. Ángel Marqués Mateu)
    7. Enrolment document (derechos de matrícula)


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Description and Requirements of the Double Graduation Program

Curriculum Máster Universitario en Ingeniería Geomática y Geoinformación

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