You will find the Antrag auf Exmatrikulation (deregistration application form) in your International Office information folder; it can be downloaded here or obtained at the Student Registry (building R).

After finishing your study semester/s, you will have to contact the following institutions during you last week at HsKA:

  • the library, to get your "Antrag auf Exmatrikulation" stamped (confirmation that you have no more books outstanding).
  • the secretary of your faculty, to get likewise a confirmation stamp.
  • the HsKA Gebäudemanagement (Facility Management) for a confirmation that keys / code cards have been returned.
  • the Student Registry, to submit your filled-in "Antrag auf Exmatrikulation" (including the required confirmation stamps).
  • the city office (abmelden)
  • the bank to close your bank account, or keep it open if you still have to receive your housing deposit or your last salary (if applicable)
  • If you stay at a student hall of residence: make an appointment with the caretaker (Hausmeister) of your residence and contact the Studentenwerk (Student Services) to return your room: have your room checked, arrange for return of deposit, return the key. The deposit will only be paid back in full if the room is in good condition.
  • Leave your home address at the International Office with Ms. Lea Scholz.