Budgeting & fees


We advise you to check the resources you have available for your stay in Germany. Expect to pay approximately 700 Euros per month. Your expenses will include rent, utilities, food, household items, transport, entertainment, clothing, insurance, books, semester university fees, etc.


Tuition fee

As a rule, exchange students from partner universities which have an agreement with HsKA are not required to pay the tuition fee, the Student Union membership fee, nor the HsKA administrative fee.

Studierendenwerk (Student Service) fee

As a student at the Hochschule Karlsruhe you will have access to various studient facilities such as the Mensa (student canteen) and cafeteria, student residences, and sports facilities. These facilities are provided by the Studierendenwerk, to which students pay member contribution. Please remember to transfer the fees in time during the re-registration period, otherwise you cannot be registered as a student, and a fine of 10 Euros is raised for late payment!

Amount: 77,70 Euros
To be paid: each semester

Campus Card

There is also a one-time payment of € 5 to have your student ID (Campus Card) made.

Please remember:

Payment of the above fees is a prerequisite for enrollment at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. Late payment results in a penalty fee of approximately 10 Euros. All fees must be paid by bank transfer each semester (respect the deadlines) and can increase from semester to semester.