Delegations and visitors to HsKA

From 1 September 2018 


05 December

Universidad Nacional de Rafaela 

Dr. Rubén Ascúa, Rector

21 November

German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech)

Dr. Sharifa Al Khanjari, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science
with a group of 14 students

20 November

King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi

Asst. Prof. Dr. Prasert Kanthamano, Senior Vice President for Administrative Affairs/ Chief information officer
Asst. Prof.Dr. Montira Nopharatana, Vice President for Industry and Partnerships
Dr. Warinthorn Songkasiri, Vice President for Research Strategy
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siam Charoenseang, Director of Institute of Field Robotics (FIBO)
Dr. Papapit Hirunsirisawat
Dr. Chettapong Janua-anurak

29 October

EPF Graduate School of Engineering

Jean Michel Nicolle, Directeur d'EPF
Eric Savattero, Directeur des Formations
Antoine Gaume, Enseignant, responsable de la Majeure « Ingénierie et Numérique »
Thomas Pontoizeau, Ingénieur Formateur dans le domaine du Numérique
Farinaz Falaki, Responsable de la Majeure « Ingénierie et Architecture durable »

29 October

Lakehead University, Ontario

Paula Thiessen, Manager, International Marketing & Communications

25 October

Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Mg. Julián Esterellas, Faculty of Economic Sciences

21 to 25 October

University of Banja Luka

Jelena Rožić

Bosnia and Herzegovina
16 to 17 October

National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology

Dr. Chun-Hsien Kuo, Department of Mold and Die Engineering
Dr. Te-Hua Fang, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Cheng-Hsien Kuo, Department of Mold and Die Engineering
Dr. Jui-Hung Cheng, Department of Mold and Die Engineering
Dr. Li-Cheng Jheng, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
Dr. Chun-Jern Pan, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
Dr. Shun-Yun Yu, Section Chief, Student Exchange Section, Office of International Affairs
Dr. Wei-Chi Wu, Office of Research and Development

16 October

California State University, Monterey Bay

Dr. Thomas Horvath, Associated Dean of the College of Science

8 to 10 October

TAItech university association:

Wei-Chen Lee, Chairman, Bachelor Degree Program of Applied Science and Technology, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Li-Wei Chen, Associate Professor of Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineering,
Vice Dean of Office of International Affairs, National Formosa University
Yu-Hsun Nien, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Chia-Yi Ho, Coordinator, Office of International Affairs, National Chin-Yi University of Technology
Jimmy K.F. Peng, Head, Division of International Education, Office of International Affairs, National Chin-Yi University of Technology

and eleven students of TAItech universities


19 September

Singapore Institute of Technology

Prof. Dr. Tan Thiam Soon, President
Prof. Dr. Chua Kee Chaing, Deputy President (Academic) and Provost
Mr. Ronnie Tay, Deputy President (Administration)
Mr. Mervyn Tan, Director Office of the Provost

18 September

Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

Ms. Deryn Vahl Meyer, Associate Dean - International, Engagement & Diversity, Science and Engineering Faculty
Ms. Ashleigh Burns, Study Abroad Officer, QUT Business School

26 June

Singapore Institute of Technology

Prof. Loh Han Tong, Deputy President (Academic) and Provost
Prof. Foo Yong Lim, Assistant Provost (Applied Learning)
Prof. Jeanette Ng Poh Tin, Cluster Director, Design and Specialised Business
Ms. Yeo May Fung, Director, Centre for Career Readiness
Mr. Anthony Goh, Director, Global Experience Division
Mr. Tan Teck Chun, Senior Manager, Global Experience Division

25 June

Universidad de la Républica de Uruguay, Institute of Computation, Engineering School

Prof. Dr. Regina Motz
Prof. Dr. Alberto Pardo

25 June

Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin

Dilyn Riesterer, Study Abroad Advisor and Program Coordinator, Center for Global Engagement

21 to 22 MayNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology

Prof. Ching-Yu Yang, President
Prof. Chun-Hsien Kuo, Dean, Office of Research and Development
Prof. Mei Chun Lin, Dean, College of Arts, National College of Tainan
Dr. Shu Yun Yu, Section Chief, Student Exchange Section, Office of International Affairs
Ms. Chia Chun Ma, Student Exchange Section, Office of International Affairs
21 MayTwelve representatives of Russian universities as participants of a "Study and Research in Germany" delegation by invitation of the Federal Foreign OfficeRussia
20 May

University of Electronic Science and Technology,
School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Chengdu

Prof. Ping Yang, Dean
Prof. Xunbo Li
Prof. Cong Lu
Prof. Wei Wang
Prof. Yu Liu

13 to 18 May

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Dr. Lee S. Tesdell, Professor, Department of English
Dr. Dawn M. Armfield, Assistant Professor, Department of English

9 MayEdgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin

Dr. Kevin Biller, Associate Professor of Economics

15 April

Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe

Dr. Sergio Hauque, Dean, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas

3 April

Beijing City University (BCU), Beijing

Dr. Liu Lin, President
Ms. Liu Li, Director, German Department

1 April


Dr. Béatrice Lay, Director International Relations

19 March

Universidad Nacional de Rafaela

Dr. Rubén Ascúa, Rector

18 MarchYamagata University, Faculty of Engineering

Prof. Shinri Sakai, General Manager, Inkjet Development Center
Prof. Jun Shinoda, Manager for International Relations
Mr Tomonori Tsuchiya, Innovation Center for Organic Electronics
Ms Misako Suzuki, Research Promotion & Administration Affairs
Mr Benjamin Rabe, Ph.D. Cand., Universität Duisburg-Essen
21 January

University of Sao Paulo

Professor Carlos Dias Maciel, Sao Carlos School of Engineering

9 January

Nottingham Trent University

Mr Stephen Williams, Director, NTU Global

9 January

Universidad Nacional de Rafaela (UNRaf)

Dr. Benjamin Danko, Visiting Professor

26 to 30 November

Universidad Politècnica de València

Professor Luis Ruiz

8 November

University of Banja Luka

Ms. Jelena Rožić, International Relations Officer

Bosnia and Herzegovina
22 October

California Polytechnic State University

Ms. Erica Jorgenson, Study Abroad Coordinator

19 October

York University

Dr. James Smith, Assistant Lecturer, Lassonde School of Engineering

18 September

University of Sulaimani

Dr. Karzan T. Mahmood, Dean of College of Agricultural Science

17 to 21 September

Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL)

Ing. Laura María Cornaglia, Directora de Relaciones Internacionales, Facultad de Ingeniería Química
Arq. Miguel S. Rodríguez, Director de Cooperación Internacional

14 September

Brian Yang, CEO of Telfort Education Group

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (in Chengdu City)
Mr. Prof. Ping Yang, Dean of School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Mr. Shiquan Gao, Deputy Dean of Glasgow College
Mr. Ye Li, Deputy Dean of School of International Education


10 September

Kanagawa University

Prof. Akihiro Matoba, Doctor of Economics, Director International Center
Mr. Toshiaki Hatogai, Deputy Manager International Affairs Department



10 September

Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Dr. Nik Aloesnita Binti Nik Mohd Alwi, Director, International Office
Dr.-Ing. Mohd Azmir Mohd Ahzari, Deputy Director, International Office


Delegations and visitors from 1 September 2017 until 31 August 2018


23 AugustKorea Polytechnic University

Prof. Lee Choongseok
Prof. Ryou Ok Hyun
Prof. Ahn Tony Donghui
Prof. Lee Kwangsook
Prof. Lee Dong Hyun
Prof. Lee Jae Kwang
Republic of Korea
16 JulyUniversidad Nacional de Rafaela (UNRaf)
Mr Manuel Schmelzle
16 July

Salahaddin University, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Department

Dr. Nazhad Ahmad Hussein, Assistant Professor, Dean of the Engineering College

Prof. Dr. Safeen Yaseen Qasab

4 July

Salahaddin University, Erbil, Kurdistan

Dr. Ahmed Anwar Dezaye, President
Dr. Ibrahim Hamarash, Professor of Electrical Engineering

3 July

Auburn University

Mr. Korbin Dimmick, Study Abroad Coordinator, Auburn Abroad, Office of International Programs

2 July

Colegio Alemán Stiehle de Cuenca

Ms Paula Kleeberg, Student Advisor

27 JuneGeorgian Technical University

Professor Alexander Bagration-Davitashvili, PhD, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Professor Vakhtang Balavadze, PhD, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Professor Boris Gitolendia, PhD, Associate Professor at Faculty of Transportation and Mechanical Engineering
20 to 21 June

Selcuk University, Department of Geomatics Engineering

Professor Muzaffer Kahveci
Professor Ekram Tusat
Professor Dr. Ferruh Yildiz, Dean

13 June

Auburn University, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

Dr. Bob Karcher, Assistant Dean, Office of Student Services
Dr. John L. Evans, Department Chair, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Mr Ed Lewis, Senior Adviser, Dean’s Office

5 JuneDelegation of representatives of various universitiesSouth Korea
8 to 9 May

Minnesota State University Mankato

Dr. Mohamed F. Diab, Associate Professor

7 to 8 May

Novia University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Tony Pellfolk, Dean for Business Administration, Beauty and Cosmetics, Social Services and Health Care and for Engineering
Ms. Petra Autio, International Contact Teacher

16 to 17 April

Universidad Nacional del Litoral (UNL), Santa Fe

Mg. Julián Esterellas, Director de Relaciones Internacionales, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas
Ms. Romina Cascino, Secretaría de Desarrollo Institucional e Internacionalización

22 March

Universidad Nacional de Rafaela (UNRaf)

Prof. Dr. Rubén Ascúa, President

16 March

Rafik Hariri University

Ayman M. Chehadé, Counselor (Academic Affairs / Germany)

9 March

CEFET-MG Federal Center for Technological Education, Minas Gerais

Flávio Antonio dos Santos - Managing Director
Henrique Elias Borges - Head of Cabinet
Jerônimo Coura Sobrinho - Secretary of International Affairs

15 to 21 FebruaryDr. Florina Pop, Assistant Professor, Universitatea 'Politehnica' din TimisoaraRomania
12 to 16 FebruaryProf. Dr. Marius Otesteanu, Vice President, Universitatea 'Politehnica' din TimisoaraRomania
5 to 9 FebruaryLic. Hebe Leyendecker, Area Relaciones Internacionales, Universidad Nacional de RafaelaArgentina
29 JanuaryMs Sabine Weng, Director for EducationTaipeh-Vertretung, Berlin
12 December

Auburn University

Dr Andy Gillespie, Assistant Provost, International Programs
Dr Constance Relihan, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Ms Jennifer Mason, Director of International Activities
Ms Janet Moore, Director of Academic Advising
Dr Bob Karcher, Assistant Dean
Prof. Dr Paul Harris, Honors Program Director
Prof. Dr Daniel Butler, International Coordinator
Prof. Dr Stuart Wentworth, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mr Edwin Lewis, Special Advisor for Industrial Relations

4 December

California State University, Bakersfield

Ms Caroline C. Angle, European Representative

14 November

Nanyang Polytechnic

Mr Lee Youn Kay, Director, School of Engineering
Mr Desmond Tan, Deputy Director (Aerospace & Precision Engineering)
Dr Ohua Chee Teck, Deputy Director (Sustainability Engineering)
Dr Prabhu Vinayak, Assistant Director (Digital Engineering)
Mr Kent Loo, Lecturer
Ms Diana Sutanto, Technology Transfer Executive

17 OctoberNational Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology
Dr. Echo Huang, Professor, College of Management
4 OctoberRyerson University, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science
Dr. Thomas Duever, Dean
Dr. Sri Krishnan, Associate Dean


Delegations and visitors from 1 September 2016 until 31 August 2017


17 July

University Centre of Brusque (UNIFEBE)

Prof. Dr. Günther Lother Pertschy, President
Ana Paula Bonatelli, Coordinator for International Relations
Prof. Marcelius Oliveira de Aguiar, Architecture
Prof. Milton Augusto Pinotti, Electrical Engineering

13 July

National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology

Dr. Jenq-Renn Chen, Vice President
Dr. Ming-Shyan Huang, Dean, Office of International Affairs / Distinguished Professor, Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering
Dr. Jia-Ren Chang Chien, Professor, Dept. of Electronic Engineering / Chair, Dept. of Electronic Engineering
Dr. Shen-Yi Chen, Associate Professor, Dept. of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Yung-Chang Cheng, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mechanical and Automation Engineering
Dr. Chih- Wei Lu, Associate Professor, Dept. of Construction Engineering

14 JuneITESM, Campus Querétaro

Dr. Edgar A. Barbosa Saucedo, Industrial Engineering Program Director
Dr. Beatriz Murrieta Cortés, Director, Department of Industrial Engineering and Systems
1 JuneLaurea University of Applied Sciences
Milton Aldrete, Planning Officer, International Affairs
26 MayLakehead University
Dr. Moira McPherson, Provost & Vice-President (Academic)
Dr. Andrew Dean, Vice-President, Research & Innovation
23 MayNew Jersey Institute of Technology
Dr. Joel Bloom, President
Professor Diane Bloom
Dr. Fadi Deek, Provost and Senior Executive Vice President
Professor Maura Deek
Professor Layek Malek
24 AprilUniversiti Teknologi Petronas
Associate Professor Dr. Ku Zilati Ku Shaari
Head, Center for Student Internship, Mobility and Adjunct Lectureship
3 AprilNational Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology

President, Cheng-Yuan Roger Chen
Vice President, Jenq-Renn Chen
Dean, Office of International Affairs, Ming-Shyan Huang
Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education, Yu-Chen Claire Wei
23 MarchLembaga Teknologis Malaysia
Tan Sri Dato' Academician (Dr.) Ts. Ahmad Zaidee bin Laidin, FASc., President
Associate Professor Dr. Mohd. Rusllim Bin Mohamed, Director, Technology and Technical Accreditation Secretariat
Mohd. Nazrol Bin Marzuke, Registrar

Consulate General of Malaysia, Frankfurt
Nur Ahmad Fadhli Bin Mohd. Naim, Consul Education
Syarqawi Bin Mohammad, Consul Education & Training
21 MarchUniversidad Nacional de Rafaela
Prof. Dr. Rubén Ascúa, Rektor
15 MarchUniversidad Nacional del Litoral
Dr. Sergio Hauque, Vice Dean, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas
23 JanuaryKorea Polytechnic University
Ms. Ellie Jeong, International Relations Center
Ms. Miyoung Lee, Industry-Academy Research Promotion Team
Mr. Minseon Lee, Computer & Information Team
Mr. Jeongbae Shin, Student Welfare Team
20 DecemberProf. Dr.-Ing. Vassilis Kikis, Professor for electrical engineering, School of Engineering, Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences, KozaniGreece
9 December


Dr. Brendan Murphy, President
Orla Flynn, Vice-President for External Affairs
Dr. Gerard O'Donnovan, Head of Faculty Business & Humanities
Dr. Stephen Cassidy, Acting Head of Graduate School, Dean of Academic Quality Enhancement

6 December

Dr. Ramzy Abdel-Gayed, Senior Lecturer, School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Automotive Engineering, Coventry University

Dr. Christophe L. Trabi, Lecturer, College of Science and Technology, Nottingham Trent University

with a group of 13 Engineering and Physics students from Coventry University and Nottingham Trent University

21 November

California State University, Monterey Bay

Ms Carly Fetterolf, Marketing & Communications Manager, College of Extended Education & International Programs

7 November

HAN University of Applied Sciences, Arnhem

Mr. Gerrit Jan Brethouwer, Head of International Relations
Dr. Ir. Jeroen Veen, International Coordinator
Faculty of Engineering

The Netherlands
27 OctoberTEC de Monterrey, Monterrey Campus
Ing. Jesús González V., Director of Services for International Students, International Programs Office
25 OctoberUniversity of Fort Hare
Dr. Mamadi Matlhako, Director Postgraduate Studies, Govan Mbeki Research and Development Centre
South Africa
21 SeptemberPetteri Järvelä, Senior Lecturer, Building Services Engineering
Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences
2 September

Shanghai University (SHU)

Mr. Xueliang Xu, Vice Director, Academic Department
Mr. Hao Yuan, Vice Dean, School of Sociology and Political Science
Mr. Linjun Wang, Deputy Dean, School of Materials Science and Engineering
Mr. Zhangyou Peng, Vice Dean, School of Communication & Information Engineering



Delegations and visitors from 1 September 2015 until 31 August 2016

22 July

Macquarie University

Tina Stubenrauch, Senior International Strategic Partnerships Coordinator

20 July

Delegation of Shanghai University of Engineering Sciences


15 July

Sonoma State University, California

Dr. Michaela Grobbel, Professor of German

14 July

Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vassilis Kikis

29 JuneEPF
Mr Didier Lançon, Directeur adjoint
Mr Stefan Seiler, Responsable du Département international
Ms Léandra Muller-Segard, Responsable de l'orientation Ingénierie Industrielle et Logistique
27 June

National Chung Hsing University

Dr. Jane Lu, Professor and Dean, Office of International Affairs

21 JuneNanyang Polytechnic
Dr. Kenny Zhuo Ming Lu, Lecturer, School of Information Technology
10 June

Queensland University of Technology

Mr. Andrew Paltridge, Assistant Dean (International), QUT Business School

9 JuneDelegation of 18 university representatives from Alabama (Auburn University, Tuskegee University, University of Alabama, UA Birmingham, UA Huntsville, University of South Alabama), led by Dr. Daniel Holder (Baden-Württemberg International)USA
30 May to 4 June

Edgewood College

Dr. Trevor Nagle, Visiting Assistant Professor of Management & Organization Development, School of Business;
Carrie Vanderford Sanders, MCP, Community Instructor, Sustainability Leadership Graduate Program;
with a group of 14 undergraduate and graduate students

6 MayMr. Jorge Bastante, Director de Calidad e Innovación, Tecsup Centro, Campus LimaPeru
23 MarchUniversity of Alabama
Dr. Bharat Balasubramanian
Dr. K. Clark Midkiff
bw-i, Dr. Daniel Holder
21 JanuaryUNESP, Prof. SamuelBrazil
21 January

Plymouth University
Prof. Dr. Steven Furnell; Head of School of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics
Prof. Dr. Nathan Clarke
Dr. Bogdan Ghita
Dr. Shirley Atkinson

Telcom, Dr. Witold Thaul; graduate of the Plymouth University PhD program

Hochschule Darmstadt, Prof. Dr. Udo Bleimann

7 December

Shanghai University (SHU)

Yuhao Cong, Vice-President
Guangdong Wang, Director of Academic Affairs Office
Dawei Hu, Director of Students’ Affairs Office
Mingjun Xin, Director of Examination and Assessment Office
Wei Cui, Deputy Director of International Office
Gui’e Zeng, Vice Dean of College of International Exchange

1 DecemberKuban State Technological University, Krasnodar
Prof. Dr. Tatiana V. Barkhatova, Vice-Rector for International Relations, with group of 9 students
17 NovemberKokugakuin University, Prof. Naoko Takahashi

Japan Technical Communicators Association, Mr Tetsuzo Nakamura, Director
4 NovemberDr. Dennis Derickson, Electrical Engineering Dept. Chair
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
15 OctoberTurku University of Applied Sciences
Dr. Olli Mertanen, Emeritus VP
12 to 16 OctoberTecsup Centro, Campus Lima
Ms Pilar Balarezo Encinas, Coordinadora de Planificación y Control
12 OctoberUniversidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe
Ing. Adrián Bollati, Secretario General, Facultad de Ingeniería Química
29 SeptemberSouth African Consulate General, Munich
Mr George Monyemangene, Consul General
Ms Ogaufi Masibi, Vice Consul: Political
South Africa
24 SeptemberUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Yafei Wang, Vice Chairman, University Council
Ling Tong, Deputy Director, Human Resources Department
Ping Yang, Executive Dean, School of Mechanical Electronic and Industrial Engineering
Tai Lyu, Vice Dean, School of International Education
Jing Hu, Program Manager, International Office
21 SeptemberXihua University, Chengdu
Prof. Qingyou Liu, President
Mr Bo Luo, Director, Office of International Cooperation & Exchange
Prof. Mingxing He
Prof. Xianggui Chen
Prof. Yiqiang Peng
Prof. Da Chen

Delegations and visitors from 1 September 2014 until 31 August 2015

24 JulyIstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi
Prof. Dr. Sermin Örnektekin, Vice Rector
Prof. Dr. Müge Iseri, Deputy Dean Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Services
2 July

University of Sulaimani
Dr. Khasraw Abdulla Rashid, Vice-President for Scientific Affairs
Dr. Khalid A. Rashid, Head of Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering
Mr. Ali Mohammed Baqi, Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering
Mr. Rebwar Omer Mohammed, Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering

Salahaddin University
Dr. Soorkeu Atrooshi, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

29 JuneKuban State Technological University
Professor Vladimir G. Lobanov, Rector
12 JuneShanghai University of Engineering Science
Ms. Pei Xiaoqian, Vice Chairman of University Council
Prof. Lin Lantian, School of Fashion
Ms. Miao Xingwai, Director, Personnel Department
Prof. Cheng Wushan, Dean, School of Mechanical Engineering
Ms. Li Xin, English Lecturer, School of Fundamental Studies
1 to 19 JuneMinnesota State University, Mankato
Prof. Don Friend
1 to 5 JuneUniversidad de Santiago de Chile
Prof. Juan C. Espinoza Ramírez, Decano Facultad de Ingeniería
Prof. Veronica Yañez R.
2 June

INSA Strasbourg
Prof. Dr. Marc Renner, Directeur
Ms. Angelika Hamman, Directrice Relations Internationales

Korea Polytechnic University
Dr. Jea Hoon Lee, President
Mr. Young J. Rho, Head of International Affairs
Mr. Josef Ko, Language Program Manager



1 JuneValdosta State University
Dr. Ivan Nikolov, Director, Center for International Programs
23 AprilUniversity of Surrey
Dr. Sabeha Ouki, MSc, PhD. Reader in Environmental Engineering
Devendra P. Saroj, PhD. Lecturer Water/Wastewater Treatment
25 FebruaryWarsaw Transportation GroupPoland
19 FebruaryUniversiti Malaysia Pahang
Prof. Dato’ Dr. Daing Nasir Ibrahim, Vice Chancellor
Prof. Dr. Redzuan, Dean, Industrial Management
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nik Abdullah Nik Mohamed, Director, German Academic Career Center (GACC)
18 to 24 February

Politehnica University Timisoara, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Florin Alexa, Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Pazsitka

18 to 21 February

Politehnica University Timisoara

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marius Otesteanu, Vice-Rector Research and International Relations

28 JanuarySeoul National University of Science and Technology
Chan Koh, Dean of the College of Information & Communication Engineering
Seok-Beom Park, Division of Facilities Management
Min-Hynug Kim, Division of Facilities Management
19 JanuaryMinnesota State University
Mr Stephen Stoynoff, Ph.D., Interim Dean of International Affairs
Professor Cyrus Azarbod, Professor in Computer Information Science
13 to 16 JanuaryUniversidad del Pais Vasco
Prof. Dr. Miguel Calvo
29 NovemberCalifornia State University Monterey Bay
Ms Noreen Lucey, European Representative, Office of Extended Education and International Programs
26 November INSA Strasbourg
Ms Angelika Hammann, Director International Office
21 Participants of the INSA International Week
26 November

Kazan National Research Technological University
Almetyevsk State Oil Institute
Tatintec Ltd.
Delegation of 12 Members

Mr Christian Callegari, Siemens AG, Digital Factory

24 to 28 November

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Prof. Dr. Luis Ruiz,

17 to 21 NovemberUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia
Prof. Dr. José-Luis Lerma
17 to 18 November

NCHU Taichung
Prof. Dr. Bernard Kao, Dean College of Law & Politics
Ms. Sophia Sung, International Office

ITESM, Campus Querétaro
Ms. Carla Diez de Marina, Director International Office



27 OctoberUniversidad Católica de Colombia
Ing. Luis Felipe Herrera Quintero, MSc. Ph.D, Program Director of Computer Science and Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering, Engineering Faculty
Group of students
24 OctoberKyonggi University
Dr. Sungho Choi, Dean of the Office of International Affairs
21 October

Ministry of Education Malaysia
Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching, Deputy Minister of Education
Datuk HJ Mohlis Bin Jaafar, Director General, Department of Polytechnic Education
Mr. Azizi Bin Lin, Director, Professional Excellence Division, Department of Polytechnic Education

Mr. Alexander Stedtfeld, Executive Director, Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

15 October

Lakehead University

Ms. Nancy Gallo, Associate Director Lakehead University International

9 SeptemberUfa State Aviation Technical University (USATU)
Prof. Murat B. Guzairov, Rector
Prof. Nafissa Yusupova, Dean of Computer Science & Robotics Department

Delegations and visitors from 1 September 2013 until 31 August 2014

21 JulyISAT
Prof. Daniela Chrenko
19 to 26 JulyMinnesota State University
Prof. Dr. Vince Winstead
18 JulyUDEM
Dr. Thomas Buntru, Director of International Programs
16 JulyUniversidad de Ingeniería & Tecnología
Dr. Mario Rivera Orams, Vicepresident of Corporate Affairs
15 to 19 JulyEdgewood College
Ms. Amie Dragoo, CPA, Chair, Accounting Department
Mr. Trevor Nagle, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor
School of Business
9 JulyValdosta State University
Mr. Zulal S. Denaux, Ph.D., Professor of Economics
Langdale College of Business
7 to 20 JulyIvanovo State Power Engineering University
Mr. Vladimir Apolonskii, Dept. of Scientific Research
Mr. Anatolii Anisimov, Electronic Engineering and Microprocessor Systems Department
25 to 27 JuneUniversity of Salahaddin
Dr. Dallshad Khidhir Bzeni, College of Engineering
23 June to 5 JulyUniversity of Hassiba Benbouali of Chlef
Mr Elaid Berkane
Head of Department of Animation, Communication and Scientific Events
2 to 6 June

Laurea Ammattikorkeakoulu
Ms. Eija Lipasti, M.Sc. (Econ.), Senior Lecturer
Lassi Tissari, M.Sc. (Tech, IEM), Senior Lecturer

Saimaan Ammattikorkeakoulu
Mr. Ville Lehto, M.Sc. (Business Administration), Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business and Culture

27 to 31 MayRiga Technical University
Dr. Janis Kaminskis, Department of Geomatics
17 AprilGerman Jordanian University
Dr. Dorothea Jecht, Director International Office
10 AprilNortheastern University
Ms Lois Brunet
30 March to 10 AprilUniversidad Nacional del Litoral
Ms María Florencia Puccinelli, Mr Carlos Alberto Querini with a group of 9 students from the Schools of Economics and of Engineering
26 March38-member delegation, led by Mr. Alexandr Samuilich, Director, Center for International Relations, Ministry of Education of the Republic of BelarusBelarus
25 MarchProf. Dr. Rubén Ascúa, Universidad Nacional del LitoralArgentina
27 to 30 JanuaryUniversiti Malaysia Pahang
Prof. Madya Dr. Rizalman Mamat, Dean of Mechanical Engineering Department
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nik Abdullah Nik Mohamed, Director of German Academic & Career Centre

14 to 15 JanuaryMs. Shin-Yi Yang, Coordinator, Taiwan Comprehensive University System (TCUS)
Ms. Chia-Ling Chiu, assistant for the TCUS summer school
12 December

Ms Renate Seitz, BW-Germany Exchange Director, Office of Higher Education, State of Connecticut

Mr Brian Schwarz, Director of Advising, University of Connecticut, School of Engineering

2 to 6 DecemberNational Chung Hsing University
Prof. Tzong-Ru Lee, Full Professor of Marketing
1 to 12 DecemberEdinburgh Napier University
Prof. Dr. Mark Deakin
25 NovemberDelegation of 16 teachers of the German-Malaysian Institute in Kajang (Selangor), headed by Mr. Abrar Baharuddin, Head of the Department of Administration, Finance & Student AffairsMalaysia
25 NovemberTecnológico de Monterrey, Campus San Luis Potosí
Ing. Paulino Bernot Silis, Director General
Dr. Jorge Pérez, Dean, School of Engineering
20 November to 2 DecemberProf. Dr. Luis Ruiz, Universidad Politécnica de ValenciaSpain
19 NovemberCalifornia State University Monterey Bay
Mr Timothy R. Angle, Dean, Extended Education / International Programs
Ms Noreen Lucey, European Representative
19 NovemberMr José Alberto Sandoval, Marketing Coordinator, International Programs Office
Tecnológico de Monterrey/Monterrey Campus
6 NovemberTechnical University of Sofia
Assoc. Prof. Vassil Galabov, PhD, Deputy Dean of Faculty of German Engineering and Industrial Management
Assoc. Prof. Marin Georgiev, PhD, Head of the Doctoral School, Faculty of German Engineering and Industrial Management
Assoc. Professor Marin B. Marinov, PhD, MEng, Vice Dean FETT-Electronics
Mr Oleg Duhlev, B.Sc., M.Sc., Head of International Programmes and Exchange Department
6 NovemberUniversity of Waterloo
Ms Andreea Ciucurita, Study Abroad Manager
3 to 8 NovemberUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia
Prof. Dr. José-Luis Lerma
30 OctoberTokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Dr. Keiichiro Yoshinaga, Associate Professor, Center for Higher Educational Development
26 September

ITE Singapur
Mr Kong Chee Seng, Director School of Engineering
Mr Ramanath SH, Senior Course Manager
Mr Lam Koon Wun, Section Head

Mr Tobias Kazich, Ministry of Culture Baden-Württemberg


Delegations and visitors from 1 September 2012 until 31 August 2013

5 AugustNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Mr Wei-chen Lee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
24 to 27 JulyUniversity of Parma
Mr Agostino Gambarotta, Professore Ordinario, College of Engineering
21 to 25 JulyMinnesota State University, Mankato
Vincent Winstead, PhD, PE, Associate Professor,
College of Science, Engineering and Technology
11 JulyUniversity of Dhaka
Dr. Rafiqul Islam, Faculty of Engineering & Technology
10 JulyInstitute of Technical Education
Ms Iris Seet, Senior Director Curriculum & Educational Development
Mr Bruce Poh Geok Huat, Director & Chief Executive Officer
Ms Sabrina Loi, Deputy CEO
27 JuneESITC-Metz
Mr Marcel Poinsignon, Director
Mr Vincent Demaret, Vice Director
Ms Beate Mansanti, German language lecturer
17 to 21 JuneGlasgow Caledonian University
Mr. Andrew Cowell, Lecturer, School of Engineering and Built Environment
13 JuneUniversité de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard
Mr David Bouquain, Associate Professor, Director of the Energy and Environment department
Mr Didier Garret, Chargé de projet plate-forme Energie
Mr Daniel Depernet, Assistant Professor
Mr Alexandre Ravey, Assistant Professor
Dr. Daniela Chrenko, Associate Researcher
10 to 22 JuneISPEU Ivanovo State Power Engineering University
Aleksandr Gudilko
Aleksandr Smirnov
10 to 21 JuneVIT University
Professor R. Sivacoumar
10 to 15 JuneUniversidad de Oviedo
Professor Dr. Constantina Alvarez Pena
10 JuneFlathead Valley Community College
Ms Gerda Reeb, Ph.D.
Title III Advisor and Retention Coordinator
3 to 8 JuneLebanese University
Professor Dr. Bassam Daya, IUT of Saida
11 MayMr. Lee Tesdell and group of Minnesota State University studentsUSA
6 to 7 MayRMIT University
Professor Arnan Mitchell, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
15 AprilRyerson University, Toronto
Dr. Mohamed Lachemi, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science
13 to 20 AprilMercer University, Macon, Georgia
Dr. Helen M. Grady, Chair and Associate Professor, Technical Communication, School of Engineering
with a group of 5 Technical Communication students
12 to 19 FebruaryUniversity Politehnica Timisoara, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication
Prof. dr. ing. Florin Alexa, Vice-Dean
Ass. prof. dr. Robert Pazsitka
Group of 42 students
10 to 24 JanuaryUNESP
Electrical Engineering Department
Prof. Daniel Sampaio
Prof. Samuel E. de Lucena
18 DecemberUniversité de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard
Mr Didier Klein, Professeur des Universités, Directeur des Relations Internationales
13 DecemberECAM
Ms Sarah Hilsebein, Public Relations Manager
Mr Alexis Bultey, Professor for Computer Science
11 December

Coventry University
Professor Ramzy Abdel-Gayed and a group of students

Ms Katja Stempfle-Eberl, Baden-Württemberg International

10 to 15 DecemberUniversity of the Basque Country
Prof. Miguel Calvo Melero, Engineering School of Vitoria-Gasteiz
5 to 7 DecemberMinnesota State University, Mankato
Ms Claudia Tomany, Ass. Vice President
VJ Agarwal, Dean of Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology
Ms Caryn Lindsay, Director of International Programs
3 to 14 DecemberEdinburgh Napier University
Prof. Mark Deakin
29 to 30 NovemberNational Chung Hsing University
Prof. Dr. Ming-Chih Shih, Director of Foreign Student Affairs
Ms Zoe Wang, Division of Academic Exchange
Ms Chloe Yang, Provisional Office for the Global College of TCUS
23 November to 21 DecemberUCLV
Ms Taimi Castano Cardoza
22 NovemberMonterrey Tec
Ing. Jesús Gonzalez, Director Services for International Students
Lic. Edith Cantú, International Programs Office
19 to 24 NovemberUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia
Prof. José Luis Lerma García
19 NovemberSalahaddin University
Prof. Dr. Qaysar Salih Mahdi
9 NovemberUNESP
Prof. Dr. Oscar Armando Maldonado Astorga
7 NovemberUniversidad Nacional del Litoral
Mr. Luis Felipe Agramunt, Director Programa de Estudios Europeos
Ms. Mg. María Fernanda Andrés, Coordinator for the Entrepreneur Programme
6 NovemberArab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport
Dr. Mohamed Fahmy Shehadeh, Associate Professor
5 to 21 NovemberUniversity of Florida at Gainesville
Prof. Ahmed H. Mohamed
Guest lecturer for GPS-INS Integration within the frame of the Bachelor PLUS programme supported by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD
29 OctoberCEFET, Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte
Professor Inês Gariglio, Vice-President
Professor Ana Elisa Ferreira Ribeiro
18 OctoberMikkeli University of Applied Sciences
Mr. Heikki Salomaa, M.Sc. (Tech), Senior Lecturer Building Services Engineering
15 to 20 OctoberUniversidad Politécnica de Valencia
Prof. Luis Angel Ruiz Fernandez
Guest lecturer for Remote Sensing at the GM program
9 to 10 OctoberRMIT University
Prof. Arnan Mitchell

Delegations and visitors from 1 September 2011 until 31 August 2012

10 AugustGroup of students of the Ciência sem Fronteiras program
Mr Baumeister
26 JulySalahaddin University
Dr. Ibrahim Ismael Hamad, Vice-President
Dr. Soorkeu A.M. Atrooshi, Deputy Dean, College of Engineering
18 to 20 JulyLebanese University
Professor Bassam Daya
18 JulyUniversity of Sulaimani
Dr. Salahalddin Saeel Ali, President
Dr. Asso Raouf Majeed, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Dept.
Dr. Khalid Ahmad Rashid, Head, Electrical Engineering Dept.
Mr Ali Mohammed Bagi, Lecturer, Electrical Engineering Dept.
Mr Rebwar Omer Mohammed, External Lecturer
16 JulyUniversité Montpellier 2
Institut d'Electronique du Sud
Professor Dr. Raphaël K. Kribich
25 June

University of Surrey
Mr Brian Clarke
Mr Soon-Thiam Khu

Dr. Josef Klinger, CEO Water Technology Center, Karlsruhe

Prof. Dr. Matthias Maier, Stadtwerke Karlsruhe

Prof. Dr., Dr.h.c. Dietrich Maier, Heinrich-Sontheimer-Laboratorium, KIT

22 June

Dr. Agus Maryono, SEAMOLEC, Water Resources Engineering

Yos Conterius, Politeknik Negeri Kupang, Road and Bridge Engineering

Rusman Sinaga, Politeknik Negeri Kupang, Electrical Engineering

Frans Mangngi, Politeknik Negeri Kupang, Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Wikan Sakarinto, Sekola Vokasi UGM Yogyakarta, Mechanical Engineering

Hotma Prawoto Sulistyadi, Sekola Vokasi UGM Yogyakarta, Structural Engineering

Dr. Fahmy Radhi, Sekola Vokasi UGM Yogyakarta, Business and Economics

Johan Lada, Sekola Vokasi UGM Yogyakarta, Civil Engineering

19 to 20 JuneGlasgow Caledonian University
Mr Andrew Cowell, Lecturer, School of Engineering and Computing
19 June27-member delegation from ABRUEM (Brazilian Association of Rectors of State and Municipal Universities)Brazil
18 JuneValdosta State University
Ms Irina McClellan, Assistant Director, Center for International Programs
12 JuneZhejiang Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
Professor Lu Ming
Professor Huang Kexin
Professor Xiong Wenbo
Professor Wu Ziyun
Mr Chen Zhifeng, Vice President of Zhejiang College of Construction
Mr Zhu Jianliang, President of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University
Mr Yu Hangyue, Vice President of Zhejiang Medical College
Professor Qian Senqiang, Zhejiang Medical College
Professor Ding Xiaohong, Zhejiang College of Sports
Professor Xu Dan, Zhejiang College of Construction
Mr Hopfensperger, GIZ China
Professor Dr. Karl-Otto Döbber, Director, Staatliches Seminar für Didaktik und Lehrerbildung (berufliche Schulen) Karlsruhe
Mr Helmut Becker, Internationale Projekte, Deutscher Verein zur Förderung der Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerfortbildung e.V.
30 MayOffice of Educational Affairs
Minister Dr. Piyawat Sivaraks
Minister Counselor Suvat Auefeua
Ms Maneerat Boonchim, Education Officer
Mr Attawut Treevaranon, Education Officer
OCSC Bangkok
Ms Napaporn Kittithorn
Ms Pornpit Somwong
Ms Pipawan Leesamphandh
22 to 23 MayKent State University
Professor Dr. Verna Fitzsimmons
Professor Dr. Verena Murphy
11 MayEdgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin
Ms Nicole Miller, Study Abroad Advisor
24 AprilDuocUC
Mr Felipe Castiglione A., Director de Carrera Ingeniería Eléctrica
Mr Cristian Sandoval P., Director de Carrera Ingeniería Mecánica
23 AprilINSA
Professor Guy Sturtzer, Directeur due Département Génie Electrique et Climatique
Ms Anne Ankenmann, Internships Abroad
Professor Marie-Paule Dietrich
Mr Leridez, Responsable de Projet
23 to 26 AprilRiga Technical University
Prof. Dr. Janis Strauchmanis
Prof. Janis Kaminskis
17 AprilStudent group from Coventry University
Baden-Württemberg International
10 to 20 AprilUniversity of Colorado in Boulder
Mr Jochen Wendel
12 to 22 April"Politehnica" University of Timisoara
Prof. Ph. D. Eng. Marius Otesteanu, Vice-Rector
26 MarchUniversidad Central de las Villas
Prof. Dr.-Ing. (habil) Gilberto Quevedo Sotolongo, Dean of the Construction Engineering Faculty
26 MarchUniversité Paris Sud
Mr Ghislain Remy, Assistant Professor
Ms Joëlle Maillefert, Responsable de la Filière Apprentissage
Group of 40 students from the Polytech Paris-Sud
21 to 23 MarchUniversidad de Valladolid
Professor Blanca Giménez
21 MarchProfessor Ju Changzhi, Jiangsu Institute of Economic & Trade Technology
Professor Dr. Huang Hua, Nanjing College of Chemical Technology
Professor Bao Ming Wu, Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology
19 to 23 MarchUniversitatea Politehnica din Timisoara
Professor Dr. Dan Stoiciu, Director, Department of Measurements and Optical Electronics
19 MarchCentral Piedmont Community College
Mr Richard K. Zollinger, Vice President for Learning
Mr Jeff Wyco, Division Director, Engineering Technology Division
Mr Chad Ray, Dean, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Sustainability
16 MarchUniversidad Nacional del Litoral
Professor Dr. Ruben Ascúa
28 FebruaryUNESP
Prof. Dr. Daniel J. B. S. Sampaio
Electrical Engineering Department
14 February to 4 MarchIvanovo State Power Engineering University
Dr. Leonid Maslow
12 to 13 DecemberMinnesota State University, Mankato
Mr Lee Testdell, Associate Professor
9 DecemberUniversitat de Vic
Dr. Vladimir Zaiats, International Academic Coordinator
Escola Politècnica Superior
21 NovemberUiTM Shah Alam
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yasmin Ashaari
Dr. Mohd. Fozi Ali
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yupiter HP Manurung
27 to 28 OctoberUniversiti Malaysia Pahang
YH Prof. Dato' Dr. Daing Nasir Ibrahim, Vice Chancellor
Prof. Dr. Ir Shah Nor bin Basri, Dean of Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering
PM Dr. Wan Azhar bin Wan Yusoff, Director CAIC
Dr. Abdul Adam, Director AEC
Brian Trenaman, Director GACC
24 to 26 OctoberUniversité Cadi Ayyad
Dr Abdellatif Hafidi
Ms Hajar Kiai
Dr Jens Nähring, Genesys, Stuttgart
Mr Norbert Strieder, GEA Wiegand, Ettlingen
30 SeptemberKent State University, Ohio
Mr Paul Moran, B.A., M.A., C.Psychol., FHEA
Senior Consultant, Office of International Affairs
19 SeptemberIvanovo State Power Engineering University
Dr. Leonid Maslov, Sc.D., Professor, Chair
Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
19 September

Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport
Dr. Mostafa Abd El Geliel
Dr. Mohamed Fahmy Shehadeh
Marine and Mechanical Engineering Department

19 SeptemberHo Chi Minh City University of Technology
Tu Diep Cong Thanh, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Mechatronics Department, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Delegations and visitors from 1 September 2010 until 31 August 2011

24 AugustOregon State University
Prof. Dr. Emerit. Christian P. Stehr
School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Mr William H. Warnes, Ph.D., Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering
23 AugustUniversiti Malaysia Pahang
Mr Brian Trenaman, German Academic & Career Centre
8 JulyMinnesota State University, Mankato
Ms Nadja Krämer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of German
8 June

Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe
Albor Angel Cantard, Rector
Julio César Theiler, Director of International Relations

Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Misiones
Professor Virginia Martínez
Professor Juan Antonio Dip
Professor Horacio Simes

Deutsch-Argentinisches Hochschulzentrum
Dr. Reiner Mühlsiegl, Director

30 May to 1 JuneVilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universitetas
Prof. Dr. Birute Ruzgiene
Prof. Dr. Renata Bagdžiūnaite
23 MayUniversity of Sydney
Prof. Dr. Archie Johnston
Dean of Engineering and IT
22 to 28 MayState School of Higher Education, Chelm
Ms Barbara Polakowska
Ms Monika Iwaniszczuk
Ms Maria Bajko
Ms Teresa Chyla
16 to 27 May

University of Kerala
Professor Dr. V.P. Mahadevan Pillai
Head of Department of Optoelectronics

15 May to 11 JuneIvanovo State Power Engineering University
Professor Ivan A. Belov, Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Professor Mikhail S. Kulenko, Department of Electric Drive and Automation of Production Units
Professor Larisa G. Kopylova, Department of Electronics and Microprocessor Systems
2 to 10 MayUniversity Politehnica Timisoara
Prof. Dr. Dan Stoiciu, Head of the Department of Measurements and Optical Electronics
Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication
29 AprilInstitut Supérieur de l'Automobile & des Transports ISAT
Dr. Daniela Chrenko, Maître de Conférences
18 to 21 AprilUniversidad de Cádiz
Dra Francisca Romeral Rosel, Academic Erasmus Coordinator
Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y de la Comunicación
29 MarchDr Rubén A. Ascúa
Universidad Nacional del Litoral
2 MarchMs Angelika Hammann, Head of International Office
INSA de Strasbourg
3 FebruaryUniversiti Malaysia Pahang
Professor Shamsudin, Professor Badhrulhisham, PH Dr. Wan, Professor Zahari, Professor Shahrani, En. Helmi
21 JanuaryInstituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
Dr. Enrique Zepeda, Vice President for Internationalization
20 JanuaryCollege of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg
Professor Dr. Jacques Crausatz, Dean
Professor Dr. Wolfram Luithardt
12 January

ECAM Strasbourg
Ms Sonia Wanner, Director
Ms Sarah Hilsebein, Public Relations Manager
Mr Alexis Bultey, Professor for computer science

Deutsch-Französischer Wirtschaftsclub Oberrhein
Mr. Daniel Steck, French Co-President, CEO of De Dietrich SAS
Mr. Steffen Nussbaum, German Co-President, CEO of Automotive Testing Technologies GmbH

Deutsch-Französische Hochschule
Prof. Dr. Otto Iancu, President

9 DecemberMr Leo Van Cleve, Director Office of International Programs, California State University
Mr Michael Yarabinec, Associate Director, Office of International Programs, San Francisco State University
Ms Anita Binder, Coordinator of the BW/CSU-Program, University of Tübingen
6 to 11 DecemberRiga Technical University
Dr. Janis Kaminskis
3 DecemberTecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM)
Ms Carla Diez de Marina, Head of International Programs
Mr Dante B. Castro Solana, Program Director Global Business
29 NovemberDelegation of 20 persons, headed by
Safet Gërxhaliu, Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, President
Organized by Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and German Chamber of Industry and Commerce
22 NovemberUniversity of Sulaimany
Dr. Salahaddin Saeed Ali, Dean of Faculty of Natural Sciences
Dr. Aree Ali Mohammed, Director of Computer Science Department
Dr. Diary Ibrahim Tofiq, Director of Chemistry Department
Ms Kurdonya Ismail Aziz, Manager of Chemistry Research Laboratories
Dr. Dana Abdullah Tahir, Director of Physics Department
Dr. Sozan Abdullah Mahmood, Computer Science Department
Dr. Omed Ghareb Saeed, Physics Department
Dr. Bakhtyar Kamal Aziz, Chemistry Department
Dr. Omar Qadir Ahmed, Geology Department
19 NovemberProf. Juhani Martikainen, Automotive Engineering, Mikkeli University of Applied SciencesFinland
2 to 5 NovemberProf. Lerma, Universidad Politécnica de ValenciaSpain
28 October

MWK Baden-Württemberg Information Seminar

Mr Milly Ingate, University of Western Australia
Mrs Rose Aquino, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Mrs Marie-Claude Tremblay, Université Laval, Canada
Mr Emerson Parker, Yale University, USA
Mrs Shirley Parson, Connecticut College, USA
Mrs Sarah Reuter, University of Hartford, USA
Mrs Melissa Scully, Trinity College, USA
Mrs Renate Seitz, Ct Dpt. of Higher Education, USA
Mr Richard Sleight, Yale University, USA
Mrs Krishna Winston, Wesleyan University, USA
Mr Javier Hernandez Andrés, Universidad de Granada, Spain
Ms Myra Lau, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ms Yukako Yonezawa, Tohoku University, Japan
Mr Jason Cushen, University of Otago, Newzealand
Mr Anyou Wang, Tongji University, China
Ms Jiaqi Zhang, Shandong University, China
Mrs Veronika Prokhorova, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia
Ms Worada Apirat, Mahidol University, Thailand
Mr Clayton Smith, Ed.D., University of Windsor, Canada
Mrs Carrie Wojenski, Rutgers University, USA
Mr Raúl de Aguinaga Vázquez, Tec de Monterrey, Mexico
Mrs Tsvetelina Petrova Mincheva, Universität Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Mrs Francvesca Valente, Università degli Studi di Bologna, Italy

Delegation of university representatives worldwide
22 OctoberJan Skonieczny and student group, Politechnika WroclawskaPoland
22 OctoberDr. Daniela Chrenko, Assistant Professor, Institut Supérieur de l'Automobile et des TransportsFrance
11 to 13 OctoberUniversity of Sumainamy
Prof. Kamal Ahmad Rashed Mahmood, Dean of Engineering Faculty
Prof. Asso Raouf Majeed Majeed, Dean of Electrical Engineering
30 September to 1 OctoberCentral University of Las Villas "Marta Abreu"
Dr. Angel M. Rubio González, Vice-President for Research and Postgraduate Studies
Dr. Luis Hernández Santana, Dpto. Automática y Sistemas Computacionales
29 SeptemberTEI of Larissa
Prof. Vassiliki Kapralou
16 September to 16 OctoberUniversity of Dhaka
Dept. of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rafiqul Islam
Ambassador Scientist, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Delegations and visitors from 1 September 2009 until 31 August 2010

30 AugustDelegation from Andalucia
Mr. Carlos Lozano, Managing Director Business Innovation Consulting Group BICG
Mr. Fabian Varas, Technical Head ICT, Corporate Technology Foundation of Andalucia CTA
Mrs. Maria Garcia, Technical Head Renewal Energies, Corporate Technology Foundation of Andalucia CTA
Mrs. Andrea Zechnall, TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe
4-10 JulyTechnical University of Moldova
Mrs. As. Prof. Dr. Livia Nistor-Lopatenco, Head of Department
Mr. As. Prof. Dr. Vasile Chiriac
Mr. Eng. Andrei Iacovlev
1 JulyMikkeli Polytechnic
Ms Eeva Virtanen, Erasmus Coordinator
Ms Ulla Vuorinen, Education Coordinator
Säri Kärkkäinen, International Coordinator
Kaisa Akerman, International Coordinator
14 JuneUniversidade Federal de Uberlândia
Ms Raquel Santini Leandro Rade, Director of International Relations
Prof. Dr. Claude Roche, Director



10 JuneValdosta State University
Dr. Carl M. Cates, Department Head, Professor Department of Communication Arts
Mr Michael Savoie, Associate Professor Department of Communication Arts
8 JuneHelsinki Metropolia
Ms Hanna Juntunen, International Coordinator Technology
8 JuneValdosta State University
Dr. Ivan Nikolov, Director, Center for International Programs
2 JuneUniversidad de Valladolid
Prof. Blanca Giménez Olavarría
27 MayIstanbul Kültür University
Professor Dr. Tülin Aktin, Dean of Engineering Faculty
Ms Mutlu Comak-Özbatir, M.A., ERASMUS Coordinator
4-6 MaySalahaddin University
Dr. Ibrahim Hamad, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Professor Dr. Mowfaq Ahmad, Professor for renewable energy use
Mr. Bakhtyar Hamad, Technical engineer
25-26 FebruaryUniversiti Malaysia Pahang
Prof. Dr. Shamsuddin Baharin, Director, University - Industries Centre
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Azhar Wan Yusof, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering & Technology Management
Mr. Amiruddin Abdul Kadir, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
19 FebruaryMs Christine Bonneville, Director of the Language Department
ISC Paris
20 JanuaryProf. Daniel J. B. S. Sampaio, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Universidade Estadual Paulista "Júlio de Mesquita Filho"
20 JanuaryGilbert Titeux, Head of Development
Ecole d'Ingénieurs ECAM
11-15 JanuaryUniversidad del Pais Vasco
Prof. Dr. Miguel Calvo, Subdirector de la Escuela Universitaria de Ingeniería
11-12 JanuaryUniversidad del Pais Vasco
Prof. Luisa Palanques, Directora del Dpto. de Ingenieria Minera y Metalúrica y Cienca de los Materiales
4 DecemberEuropean Study for application-oriented research
Bodil Brander Christensen, University College Nordjylland, Denmark
Christine Gangloff-Ziegler, Université de Haute Alsace - IUT de Colmar, France
Brigitte Göbbels-Dreyling, German Rector's Conference HRK, Germany
Klaus Ernst Hansen, VIA University College, Denmark
Teet Jaanus, Tallinn University of Applied Science, Estonia
Lasse Jansson, Central Ostrobothnia University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania
Prof. Luís Pais, Portuguese Council, Portugal
Roland Pelurson, IUT de Valence, France
Prof. Dr. habil. Corvini Philippe, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Switzerland
Pertti Puusaari, Häme UAS, Finland
Anne Rooste, Tallinn University of Applied Science, Estonia
Prof. Fernando Santos, Portuguese Council, Portugal
Prof. Dr. Fritz Schmöllebeck, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, Austria
Irma Spudyte, Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania
Dr. rer. nat. Heinrich Stülpnagel, Zürich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW, Switzerland
Delegation of university representatives worldwide
10 NovemberMWK Baden-Württemberg Information Seminar
Ms Maria Lango, University of Waterloo, Canada
Ms Gonzalo Bordagarey, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción, Chile
Ms Kate Jennings, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Ms Rita Maia, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
Mr Terry Henderson, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
Ms Annie Liu, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Ms Mollien Tao, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Ms Cindy Gould, University of Michigan, USA
Ms Jennifer Green, State University of New York-Stony Brook, USA
Ms Rita Crider, University West Florida, USA
Mr Achim Niessen, TH Karlsruhe
Delegation of university representatives worldwide
4 November Staffordshire University
Prof. Dr. John M. Wetwood, Director of European Partnerships
29 OctoberGerman-Jordanian University, Amman
Mr. Florian v. Bothmer, Director of International Office
29 OctoberUniversity Almaty
Prof. Dr. Ardak Sakhanova
Ms Galina Meier, Department for International cooperation
Student group
13 OctoberMinistry of Higher Education
Ms Harshita Aini Haroon, PhD. Programme Head
Ms Norina Bt Jamaludin. Programme Head
Dato'Prof. Ir. Dr. Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar, PhD, P.Eng, FASc
6 OctoberKorea University of Technology and Education
Prof. Moonsu Lee, School of Industrial Management
Prof. Woo Young Lee
2 OctoberInstituto Tecnológico de Puebla
Mr. Antonio Duran Mejia, Science Major and Director
Mr. Javier Morales, Science Major and Coordinator of Cooperative Academic Programs
23 SeptemberSibirian State University, Novosibirsk
Prof. Dr. Alexxander P. Karpik, President
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Seredovitch, Vice-President
Dipl.-Ing. Igor Musihin, International Affairs

Moscow State Academy of Geodesy and Cartography, Moscow
Prof. Dr. Andrej Majorov, Vice-president
Prof. Viktor Lobazov, Institute of Geodynamic
Mr. Igor Gerassimov, Director of Foreign Languages
7 SeptemberCentro Federal de Educaçao Technológica
Prof. Henrique Wiens

Delegations and visitors from 1 September 2008 until 31 August 2009

24 July

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Adang Suwandi Ahmad, Dean, School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Institut Teknologi Bandung

Dr.-Ing. Yul Y. Nazaruddin, Education Attaché, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

20-24 JulyUniversity Salahaddin, Hawler
Dr. Soorkeu Atrooshi, Vice Head of Department Electrical Engineering
Dr. Shawnim Jalal, Dean Engineering College
University Sulaimania
Dr. Asso Majeed, Head of Department Electrical Engineering
Dr. Ghamgeen Rashed, Vice Head of Department Electrical Engineering
Dr. Shawbow Nizamaldeen, Professor, Electrical Engineering Department
19 JuneLakehead University
Dr. Hassan Naser, P.Eng., Associate Professor, Department of Software Engineering
17 JuneUniversitatea Politehnica din Timisoara
Prof. Dr. Ing. Lia Dolga, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Director of International Office
16-26 JuneVellore Institute of Technology
Prof. Dr. Zachariah Alex, School of Electrical Sciences
Ms. Elisabeth Rufus
25-26 MayProf. Carlos Alberto Palacio Tobón, Vice Dean of Faculty for Engineering
Universidad de Antioquia
22 MayNational Technical University of Ukraine
Zakhar Maletskyi
Dr. Tetiana Mitchenko
Prof. Hoell
14 MayProf. Dr. Lobasov, Institute for Geodynamics
Moskau State University for Cartography and Geodesy
6-9 MayProf. Dr. Aksamitauskas, Dept. for Geodesy and Cadastre, Vilnius Gediminas Technical UniversityLithuania
12 MarchKanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT), Ishikawa
Prof. Dr. Satoshi Owasa (Applied Chemistry) Vice Dean, Research Development
Prof. Dr. Masashi Yamabe (Mechanical Engineering) Vice Dean, Educational Assessment and Evaluation Chair, Division of
Material Science
Dr. Toshiaki Izumiya, Director, Office of Research Development
Takayuki Fukuda, Associate Chef, Division of Planning and Coordination
Prof. Dr. Ryoichi Suzuki, Department of Robotics
Prof. Dr. Phil. Michiko Yoshimichi
16 FebruaryRyerson University
Dr. Stalin Boctor, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science
Dr. Sri Krishnan, Chair, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Alagan Anpalagan, Graduate Program Director, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
3 FebruaryGerman-Jordanian University
Dr. Labib Khadra, President
Prof. Dr. Kristian Bosselmann-Cyran, Dean of School of Languages


29 JanuaryPoznan University of Technology
Dr. hab. Eur. Ing. Tomasz Błaszczyński, Instytute of Structural Engineering
26 JanuaryUniversité Robert Schuman
Ecole de Management Strasbourg
Ms. Marjorie Lecerf, Docteur es Sciences Economiques
Mr. Ludwig Kreitz, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director Office of International Relations
22 JanuaryMinnesota State University
Mr. Lee S. Tesdell, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Technical Communication Program
27 NovemberDelegation of Geomatics Students and Doctoral Candidates, 20 personsSerbia
20 NovemberDelegation of Geomatics Lecturers and Professionals, 20 personsSerbia
14 NovemberValdosta State University
Dr. Wayne Plumly, Interim Dean of the College of Business
Dr. Andrew Ostapski, College of Business
Dr. Ivan Nikolov, Director of International Programs
16 OctoberEmbassy of the Republic of Indonesia
Dr.-Ing. Yul Y. Nazaruddin, Education Attaché
9-10 OctoberMercer University
Prof. Dr. Helen Grady, Engineering Department
Ms. Julie Strecker, PDSO
9 OctoberSamarskij gosudarstvennyj aerokosmiceslij universitet - Samara State Aerospace University
Prof. Dr. Anton Lyaskin and group of 14 students
5 OctoberBaden-Württemberg Information Seminar
Ms. Christine Andresen, Willamette University
Ms. Angela Branigan, University of Texas, Austin
Ms. Anita Crockett, University of Texas, Tyler
Ms. Debra Denzer, Georgia Perimeter College
Mr. David Di Maria, St. Cloud State University
Ms. Linda Gentile, Carnegie Mellon University
Ms. Stacey Hansen, University of Virginia
Mr. Aaron Lindberg, San Diego State University
Ms. Angie Melton, Middle Tenessee State University
Ms. Leah Nelson, University of Richmond
Mr. Achim Niessen, Universität Karlsruhe
4 OctoberMWK Baden-Württemberg Information Seminar
Ms. Ana Ruzicka, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Ms. Tatyana Maltseva, Tomsk Polytechnical University, Russia
Ms. Olesya Egorova, Russian State University for the Humanities, Russia
Ms. Alex Markman, Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ms. Merike Remmel, University of Toronto, Canada
Ms. Katherine Wan, University of Hong Kong, China
Mr. Xiaoyun Tang, Tongji University, China
Ms. Xueling Liang, Jiao Tong University, China
Dr. Mitsuhide Shiraki, Waseda University, Japan
Dr. Arash Shahin, University of Isfahan, Iran
Mr. Harvey Waterman, PhD, Rutgers University, USA
Mr. Lauren Fowler, University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, USA
Dr. Pornsiri Suebpongsang, Chiang-Mai University, Thailand
Mr. Mustafa Ed Haddad, German University in Cairo, Egypt
Ms. Valerie Wan, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Mr. Achim Niessen, Universität Karlsruhe
Delegation of university representatives worldwide

Delegations and visitors from 1 September 2007 until 31 August 2008

13 AugustMoscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography
Prof. Dr. Victor Lobazov, Director
22 JulyGeorgian Technical University
Keti Kokraschwili, Chancellor
Giorgi Maduashvili, Director of the Center of Sports and Culture
Nugzar Butskhirikidze, Director of the University Theatre
Peka Maiswadze, Director of the Judical Administration

Siegfried Kreiner, Director of "Sandkorn" Theatre, Karlsruhe
17 JulyDirectorate General of Higher Education
Iwan Mulyawan, M.Sc.
Ridwan Anzib, M.Sc.

Politeknik Negeri Bandung
Dr. Ir. Agus Wismakumara, Director
Cornelius B. Kuncoro, M.Sc.

Politeknik Ketapang-West Kalimantan
Dr. Nurmala, Director
Evi Ardalina, MT, Assistance Director

Politeknik Kampar-Riau
Herman, Director
Munafri, Assistance Director

Politeknik Eceh
Ir. Nahar, Director
14 JulyKubanskij gosudarstvennyj technologiceskij universitet
Ms Vera Dreeva
30 June-18 JulyValdosta State University
Dr. Fred Ware
Dr. Andrew Ostapski
Dr. David Kuhlmeier
24 JuneHoucine Chebli, President of Virtual University of TunisTunesia
18 JuneUniversity of Automotive and Transport Engineering
Mr. Udo Feldbusch, Director International Office
12-20 JuneVellore Institute of Technology
Prof. Dr. Zachariah Alex, School of Electrical Sciences
3 JuneInformation seminar for a delegation of University Presidents within "University Capacity Building Programme"
Dr. Derebssa Dufera, President Medwolabo University
Mr Abdu Abagibe, Vice-President Adama University
Dr. Mebratom Mesfin, President Axum University
Mr Getachew Tefera, President Debre Berhan University
Dr. Theodros Bekkafa, President Debre Markos University
Dr. Zenebe Baraki Kirkos, President Desie-Kombolcha University
Mr Tariku Berasu, President Dila University
Dr. Wagayehu Bekele, President Dire Dawa University
Dr. Abdinasir Ahmed, President Jijiga University
Dr. Mebratu Gbre Mariam, President Mizan / Tepi University
Dr. Fekadu Beyene, President Wollega University (Nekemte)
Mr Adem Borri Ondakie, President Samara University
Dr. Tamado Tana, President Wolaita University (Sodo)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit GTZ GmbH:
Dr. Horst Seel, Ms Uta Gottschalk, Ms Heike-Franziska Haug
29-30 MayCEFET
Ms Maria Inês Gariglio, Vice-Director/Language and Cognition
Ms Eliane Florentino das Chagas, International Affairs Officer/Foreign Languages
Mr. Guilherme Fernandes Marques, Civil Engineering
Ms Patrícia Procópio Pontes, Chemistry
Mr. José Gomes da Silva, Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Magno Meireles, Electricity
31 MarchCalifornia Polytechnic State University
Professor Frank Owen, Mechanical Engineering Dept.
14 MarchIMEA, L'Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Besançon
Mr. Andrew Finlay, International Relations


10 DecemberTEI Kavala
Dr. Konstantinos Terzidis, Dean of the Faculty of Management and Economics
6 DecemberFachhochschule Westschweiz
Mr. Hans-Peter Roten, Director of the study program
5 DecemberNapier University, Edinburgh
Mr. Murray MacCallum, Lecturer
9 NovemberUniversidad de Tarapacá de Arica
Dr. Horacio Diaz Rojas, dean
Mr. Armando Jeraldo, laboratory director
23 OctoberMs Jeanne D'Arc Gomis, Study Abroad Advisor, Office of International Education and Development
Appalachian State University
22 OctoberMs. Galina Govorova, PhD, Vice-Director International Affairs Department
Kuban State University
18 OctoberMWK Baden-Württemberg Information Seminar
Ms. Yorleni Aguilar, Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Mr. Charles Bankart, University of Kansas, USA
Mr. Gareth Bennett, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexiko
Ms. Betty Chang, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
German University Cairo, Ägypten: Ms. Niveen Fahmy, Ms. Noha Noaman
Mr. Daniel Gonzales Blanco, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela
Ms. Miriam Hernández, ITESM, Mexiko
Ms. Jie Kang, Universität Konstanz
Fudan Daxue, China: Ms. Hong Li, Ms. Xia Zhang
Ms. Ana Ruzicka, Sveuciliste u Zagrebu, Kroatien
Ms. Ponkodi Thirumalai, National University of Singapore, Singapur
Mr. Craig Wallage, University of Guelph, Kanada
Mr. Niessen, Universität Karlsruhe
Delegation of university representatives worldwide
28 SeptemberMr. Parviz Ahahbazou, Azerbaijan ambassador
Mr. Axel Fischer, Member of Parliament
Mr. Otto Hauser, Chair of the German-Azerbaijan Forum e. V. Berlin
3 SeptemberInstitute for Higher Education Policy, Washington
Mr. Clifford Adelman, Ph.D., Senior Associate

Delegations and visitors from 1 September 2006 until 31 August 2007

6 August-5 OctoberSankt-Peterburgskij Gosudarstvennyj Politechniceskij Universitet
Prof. Kononova, Faculty of Civil Engineering
30 JulyNational Technical University
Prof. Dr. Mairie Doufexopoulou, Faculty of Rural and Survey Engineering
20 JulyUniversidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Prof. Dr. Ronaldo Tadeu Pena, Rector
Prof. Dr. Fabio Jota, Dept. Electronic Engineering
12 JulyUniversidade Estadual Paulista
Prof. Dr. Nazem Nascimento
2-16 JulySiberian State Academy of Geodesy SSGA
Prof. Alexey Klepikov, Department of Astronomy and Gravimetry
2-3 JulyDr.-Ing. Gossaye Ashenafi, Senior Program Officer Engineering Capacity Building Program, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (German Enterprise for Technical Cooperation)Ethiopia
29 JuneValdosta State University
Mr. David Starling, Assistant Director, Center for International Programs
13 JuneMr. Gatot W, Director for International Affairs of Indonesia Education Minister
Mr. Agus Wismakumara, Director of Polytechnik Bandung
Mrs. Herlin Herlianika, Deputy Director of Polytechnik Bandung
Mr. Josef Soltes, Director of Industrial Board Polban Bandung
Mr. Bambang Suwito, Director of PT MTZ Indonesia
Mr. Iwan Chandra, Director of PT Gita Mandiri Tehnik -Aicool.
Mrs. Lenny Tania Chandra
12 JuneShah Jalal University Sylhet
Prof. Dr. M. Aminul Islam, Vice Chancellor
Prof. Dr. Md. Akhtarul Islam, Task Leader, Innowa, Dept. of CEP
Dr. Md. Maksudur Rahman Khan, Co-supervisor, Innowa, Dept. of CEP
Mr. Md. Tamez Uddin, Key Expert, Innowa, Dept. of CEP
Mr. Md. Salatul Islam Mozumder, Key Expert, Innowa, Dept. of CEP
Mr. A.N.M. Zoinal Abedin, Account Director, Innowa, Director of Accounts, SUST
6 JuneProf. Tom Cochrane, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Queensland University of TechnologyAustralia
6 JuneSüleyman Demirel Üniversitesi
Prof. Koruca
5 JuneDalian University of Technology
Prof. Ning Guiling, Assistant to President
Prof. Yang Jianhua, Vice-Dean of School of Electronic and Information Engineering
Ms. Meng Linxi, Coordinator at International Office
21-22 MayFuture Resourcing, London
Mr. Mike Roach, Ms Rosemary Roach
15 MayProf. Dr. hab. Ing. Zbigniew Pater
Mr. Arkadiusz Tofil
Mr. Piotr Rózanski
Mr. Lukas Brzana
Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Zawodowa w Chelmie


14 May-12 JulyDAAD Research Fellowship
Assistant-Prof. Dr. Ghosh, IIT Roorkee
4 MayMr. Geoff Edmonson, Director of International Business Development, Queensland University of Technology
Mr. Markus Steinbüchel, European Study Center Bretten
12 AprilUNESP
Prof. MSc. Daniel J.B.S. Sampaio
12 AprilHochschule Plantijn, Antwerpen
Mr. Gilbert Druant
10-20 AprilProf. Mauro Antunes
Prof. Luis Guimarais
Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro
28 MarchDato' Ir. Judin bin Abdul Karim, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Public Works
Prof. Dr. Faisal bin Hj. Ali, Lecturer, Universiti of Malaya
Prof. Ir. Dr. Shahnor bin Basri, Lecturer, Universiti Putra
Prof. Ir. Dr. Ahmad Faizal bin Mohd. Zain, Lecturer, Kolej Universiti Tun Hussein Onn
Mr. Fazli bin Ahmad, Assistant Director, Public Service Department
Mr. Tukiren bin Siron, Counsellor (Education & Student Affairs), Embassy of Malaysia
20-21 MarchFuture Resourcing, London
Mr. Mike Roach, Ms Rosemary Roach
29 JanuaryProf. Murray MacCallum, International Academic Tutor
Napier University, Edinburgh
1 DecemberHaagse Hogeschool, Den Haag
Mr. Wim Van Rohde
28-30 NovemberUniversity of Bucharest
Mr. Emil Barma
Mr. Dan Grigorescu
University Transilvania of Brasov
Ms Simona Lache
Elcoteq Tallinn AS
Ms Ester Kokkota
Tallinn University of Technology
Ms Kristel Habicht
Ms Kristel Virula
University representatives
23-25 NovemberProf. Dr.-Ing. Maria Kononova, Dept. Civil Engineering
St.-Petersburg State Polytechnical University
8 NovemberProf. Dr. Shao Longtan, Vice President
Prof. Guoyu Wang
Dalian University of Technology
Mr Kurt Bang, Endress + Hauser
3 November-15 DecemberVellore Institute of Technology
Prof. Dr. Zacharia Alex
25-27 SeptemberProf. Stanislaw Oszczak, Head of Department
Dr. Adam Ciecko
Department of Satellite Geodesy and Navigations, Uniwersytet Warminsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie
18 SeptemberDelegation of Association of Surveyors of State Victoria
Mr. Richard Simpson, Chairman
Mick Ramsdale, Gaeme Follett, Rob Nobelius, Mick Toll, Ken Goodison, Ken Adams, Michael McLean, Peter Wilson, Kate Simpson, Stan Jeffreys, Kev Duckworth, Alan Simpson, George Szirom, Michael Loy, Harry Lewis

Delegations and visitors from 1 September 2005 until 31 August 2006

28 JulyProf. Dr. K. G. Narayankhedkar, Director of Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute and Prof. Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology BombayIndia
7 JuneProf. Dr. hab. Józef Zajac, Rector
Dr. Beata Falda, Vice-Rector
Ms Renata Jozwiak, Head study program of foreign languages
Mr Zygmunt Gardzinski, Executive Director of Rectorate
Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Zawodowa W Chelmie, Chelm
6 JuneProf. Kononova, Head of civil engineering program, Sankt-Peterburgskij Gosudarstvennyj Politechniceskij Universitet
Dr. Finken, Head of DAAD-Referat Russia/Belarus
2 JuneProf. Dr. Antunes
Prof. Fosse
Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro
17 MayProf. Shi Hongbo, Dean of Automation and Information School
Prof. Wang Huifeng, Rector of Automation and Information School
East China University of Science and Technology
Dr. Guangjian Yu, Endress+Hauser
16-19 MayProf. Dr. Ignacio Armesto Quirogua, ETSII of Universidad de VigoSpain
12-17 MayProf. Dr. Anatoly A. Petric, Rector
Prof. Dr. Vladimir S. Simankov, Vice Rector for Scientific and International Affairs
Mr. Georgy Khitarov, Head of International Department of the University
Kuban State University of Technology, Krasnodar
12 AprilDr. Warren Fox, Executive Director, Office of Higher Education Policy & Planning, Ministry of Education Abu Dhabi
Ms Subha Al Shamisi, Head of National Admissions and Placement Office, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Mr. Karl-Heinz Kammerlohr, Ministerialrat, Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts, Baden-Württemberg
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
10 FebruaryQingdao Technological University
Prof. Geng Xihua, General Secretary
Prof. Dr. Tan Jiwen, Dean of Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Prof. Dr. Wang Zaiquan, Civil Engineering Department, Head of Research and Development Office
Prof. Yang Rongben, Dean of Business School
Prof. Lu Yan, Dean of Automation Engineering Faculty
Prof. Hao Chibiao, Dean of Architecture Faculty
Mr Yang Xingchang, Head of Office for State-owned property management
Mr Liu Xuming, Head of Office for Foreign Affairs
13 DecemberMr Li Jiaxin, Assistant of the President
Mr Chen Xilin, Director of International Relations
Anhui University of Technology
Ms Anna Klette-Haug, IB-Berufsbildungszentrum Karlsruhe
Ms Liying Scheinhardt, Translator, IB Mannheim
Ms Ioana Stojan
Mr Dieter Ulbrich
IB Bildungszentrum Mannheim
9 DecemberMeeting of Baden-Württemberg-scholarship students
7 DecemberMs Adriana Gidi, Marketing Coordinator, Tecnológico de Monterrey
Ms Andrea Held, International Porgrams Associate Director, Pforzheim University
7 DecemberProf. Gu Tianlong, Ph.D., Vice President
Mr Zhao Ming, Director of the Office for International Cooperation
Mr Liang Zhengyu, Director of the Foreign Languages Department
Mr Tang Qinggan, Deputy of Department of Computational Science and Applied Mathematics
Mr Gu Zhengfei, Deputy of Postgraduate School
Guilin University of Electronic Technology
5 DecemberDr. Yu Guangjian, Endress + Hauser, Shanghai


28 NovemberProf. Sanjeev Kumar, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Mr Rajiv Aggarwal
26 OctoberDr. Warren H. Fox, Ministry of Education Abu Dhabi
Mr. Karl-Heinz Kammerlohr, Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts, Baden-Württemberg/Germany
United Arab Emirates
29 September-1 OctoberProf. Luis González Piñeiro, Director
Prof. José Ignacio Armesto Quiroga, International Relations
E.T.S. de Ingenieros Industriales de Vigo
26 September-8 OctoberProf. Dr. Lin Jun Xiu, Dalian University of Technology
Prof. Du Zhida, Dalian University of Technology
23 SeptemberDr. Faiza Al-Raissi, Assistant Dean Academic Affairs, Higher Collgege of Technology Muscat
Ms Ghadna Suleiman Saif Al-Maskari, Assistant Dean Academic Affairs, College of Technology Ibra
Dr. Ahmed Mohsin Al-Ghassani, Acting Dean, College of Technology Nizwa
Dr. Qassim Murtadha Jaffer, Head of Department, Higher College of Technology Muscat
Mr Jörn Eggermann, GTZ
Mr Georg Overbeck, Baden-Württemberg International