At the Institute for Optofluidics and Nanophotonics (IONAS), medical research is linked to the modern technologies of nanophotonics and optofluidics.

The main research focus of IONAS is optofluidics and the corresponding nano- and microstructuring technologies, mainly in the context of polymer materials. A special emphasis lies on optical biosensors and miniaturized biomedical analysis systems. Our core expertise is in nanofabrication, selective nanoinfiltration and UV Nanoimprint Lithography.

Current research projects at IONAS are amongst others:

  • BANSAI (Biomedical analysis system with laser light)
  • Biosensors on the basis of nanoinfiltrated photonic crystal structures
  • UV nanoimprint lithography for optofluidic components

Under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Karnutsch a steadily growing team of creative collaborators is employed to advance those projects. The Australian-German Study Centre for Optofluidics and Nanophotonics (SCON) was founded in 2011. In cooperation with  RMIT Melbourne, Australia, it enables students to gain insight into cutting edge research. This exchange generates new stimuli for both existing and new research projects.

For more information you can watch our video of Prof. Karnutsch presenting IONAS (in German, on the right side). If you want to join our group, have a look at our list of open positions or contact us (also on the right side).

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