Mechanical Engineering

This is a compact, 7-semester course of study culminating in a professional degree in general mechanical engineering.

One of the following areas of specialization may be selected in the second half of the course:

  • General Engineering Design
  • Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Environmental Technology
  • Production
  • Vehicle Technology

The goal of "General Engineering Design" is to prepare students for a career in the design and development area of general mechanical engineering.

In "Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Environmental Technology" students acquire skills which will enable them to enter careers in design, manufacturing, laboratory work, operation and management in the fields of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems, as well as in environmental and related thermal process technologies.

Specialization in "Production" focuses on the manufacturing process, the design of production lines, process planning and plant operation.

"Vehicle Technology" applies mechanical engineering skills to selected areas in the field of vehicle technology with an emphasis on car design and production. Other vehicles included in the course are trains, boats, planes, satellites etc.

For the key information about this program, please see the general description (pdf, 118kB).

For further information, please see the German pages.