Financing & scholarships


We advise you to check the resources you have available for your stay in Germany. Expect to pay approximately 700 Euros per month. Your expenses will include rent, utilities, food, household items, transport, entertainment, clothing, insurance, books, semester university fees, etc.

The platform Monetos provides information about living costs and other financial and social matters (banking, insurance, doctors) as well as a budget calculator.

Financial Assistance

As an international student, you have several ways to receive financial support:

Check with your home country's government to see whether assistance is available.

In accordance with the Federal Law on Financial Support for Study Purposes (BAföG), international students can receive financial support in special cases:

  1. They're children of EU citizens, and have a residence permit (Aufenthaltsgenehmigung) for family members of EU member states.
  2. They're displaced foreigners, refugees, or have one parent who is a German citizen
  3. They have
  • legally lived and worked in Germany for five years before beginning to study.
  • at least one parent who has legally lived and worked in Germany for at least three years in the six years before the child begins to study.

Further information on whether the conditions for the Federal Law on Financial Support for Study Purposes (BAfÖG) have been met can be obtained from the Office of the Local Administrative District (Landratsamt).


HsKA scholarships:

  • Starting with winter semester 2011/12, HsKA is one of Germany's universities to offer the so-called Deutschlandstipendium. Outstanding students can apply for the scholarship, which provides 300 Euro per month and covers at least 2 semesters. For general information about the scholarship, see the German-language pages
    For details about the application procedure, see the German-language pages of the Center of Competence.
  • Support for good students near graduation, who have a financial crisis. Please contact the International Office in case of need.
  • Emergency funds. Please contact the International Office in case of need.

The German Academic Exchange Service provides a database and search engine for its own scholarships as well as scholarships offered by other institutions. Please remember, the application deadlines vary and the application process takes some time, therefore you need to begin your search as soon as possible, at least one year in advance.

A few other organisations also grant scholarships. Applications for these scholarships must be completed in your home country long before travelling to Germany and via the appropriate ministry or the German embassy / consulate. The German foreign diplomatic missions, the German consulates, and other German representatives abroad can provide further information on scholarship programs.


You will need to open a checking account ("Girokonto") in Germany. Make sure to compare rates – a current account should be free of charge. Ask for special student rates. If your account is overdraft, you will get a certain amount of credit by the bank but required to pay interest for this loaned money.

Financial emergencies

Please contact the International Office. This is for first-aid support only. Funds are limited. If you schedule a meeting in advance, we can make confidentiality arrangements.

Note: Interim financial aid for students with pandemic-related hardship

Currently, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) provides interim financial aid to help those students who can prove that they are faced with financial hardship caused by the pandemic, who need immediate help and are unable to overcome their pandemic-related hardship by making use of other support.

Applications can only be filed separately for the months June, July and August 2020. The decision on granting the interim financial aid is taken by the relevant student union (Studierendenwerk/Studentenwerk) on the basis of the information you provide and within the budget available to it. The order in which applications are processed is determined by the date the complete documents are received by the student union concerned. Incomplete applications will not be processed. There is no legal entitlement to interim financial aid.

For more information and application, please use the BMBF portal.

Scholarship offers

British Council IELTS Award

Students who hold an IELTS 6.5 taken at a test center in Germany and who are going to enrol in an English-language study program can apply for this scholarship. See the IELTS website for more information and for application.

Application deadline: 10 June 2021