In case of admission


After the application deadline is closed, the applications to each degree program are evaluated and acceptance letters are issued. In case of bachelor programs, the acceptance letters are issued by post two or three days after the application deadline is closed - please note that it might take some time to be delivered abroad. The acceptance letter includes all relevant registration information as well as fee payment details. Rejected applicants who fulfil the admission requirements are automatically placed on the waiting list for places not taken up by admitted applicants. The final placement can take place as late as 1 week after the start of lectures. Rejected applicants who do not get a seat may either keep their application active for the following semester, or request their application documents back.

In case of master programs, the admission letters are issued by post approx. one week after the application deadline is closed.

Applicants can review their application via the online services (German-language page) by entering:
User = your application number
Password = as entered by you for online application

Regulations of selection

The study seats of the bachelor's degree programs are conferred as follows:

5% of the seats are reserved for applicants successfully claiming case of hardship. 8% of the seats are reserved for international applicants. 2% of the seats are reserved for applicants who wish to take a second bachelor's degree. 90% of the remaining seats are allocated according to ranking list and 10% according to waiting list. Applicants are ranked according to ranking points obtained by weighing different grades in their school leaving certificate which are relevant to the bachelor's program; bonus points are given for vocational training in a related job. The individual calculation method is detailed in the "Zulassungssatzung" (selection procedure regulations) of each degree program at the German-language download page.

The study seats of the master's degree programs are allocating according to ranking list by final mark or average grade of the bachelor's degree only. Applicants who are still in the process of graduating by the time of application must present proof of graduating including their final mark at the latest by the start of lectures of the master's program.

Limitation of seats

At HsKA, all degree programs offer a limited number of study seats only. Therefore we cannot accept all applicants but only as many students as there are seats available in each degree program.