Rankings 2008

2008 WirtschaftsWoche, Handelsblatt, Junge Karriere

For a ranking published by three prestigious business magazines, WirtschaftsWoche, Handelsblatt, and Junge Karriere, 5,000 personnel managers of Germany’s biggest companies were asked from which universities they had recruited their specialists and future executive staff and which institutions had prepared their graduates best for their careers in industry.

In the area of Business Administration and Engineering, HsKA was ranked top out of all German universities of applied sciences. For Electrical Engineering, for Mechanical Engineering, and for Business Information Systems, HsKA came second, and for Computer Science, third. With places in the top three for five engineering, IT, and business disciplines, HsKA was ranked as Germany’s best university of applied sciences.

June 2008

2008 trendence ranking

In a nation-wide comparative study of 63 German universities, 6,300 future IT graduates were questioned: In the overall ranking, HsKA placed in the top two IT colleges. Its practical orientation received particular praise from the students: HsKA came in 1st place nationwide in terms of practical orientation of the curriculum and cooperation with industry. In quality of teaching as well as mentoring by lecturers and professors, it received 1st place among universities of applied sciences and 3rd place for all universities. Outstanding in the eyes of IT students was also the international focus of their studies: Here HsKA again seized 1st place for universities of applied sciences and came in 2nd place for all colleges.

September 2008

CHE 2008

(published as "Zeit-Studienführer 2008/09")
More than 280 higher education institutions took part in this most comprehensive ranking in the German-speaking countries. Besides looking at the degree programs, teaching, equipment and research, the ranking also accounts for more than 250,000 students' evaluations given on the study conditions at their university.

Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HsKA) was rated as follows compared to the universities of applied sciences:

  • Business Information Systems: This HsKA program was in the lead group in the categories "overall study situation", "support of students" and "assessment by professors", sharing second place with four other universities of applied sciences.
  • Technical Communication: This HsKA program was in the lead group in the categories "overall study situation", "support of students", "relevance for practice" and "organisation of studies", HsKA thus being among the five top-placed universities of applied sciences in this ranking.

Employability-Rating 2008

The Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung (Centre for Higher Education, CHE) and the Arbeitskreis Personalmarketing (Research Group on Personnel Marketing) carried out a Germany-wide, joint rating of employability which provided the following result:

Business Information Systems: Was given the best possible rating of five stars and thus obtained, due to points received, third place among all German higher education institutions; in the subject of business information systems even first place. Top results were achieved in the categories "practical orientation of the curriculum" and "social skills".