Rankings 2010

2010 WirtschaftsWoche ranking

HsKA is rated number 1 among universities of applied sciences in 2010 university ranking of the WirtschaftsWoche magazine

For this year’s university ranking of the “WirtschaftsWoche” business magazine (issue 21 of 22 May 2010), the consulting company Universum Communications and the temporary employment agency Access have again conducted a survey asking personnel managers of all lines of business from which universities they recruited their management trainees and future specialists and which ones prepared the students best for their future jobs. 534 personnel managers, two thirds of which represent enterprises with over 1,000 employees, filled in a comprehensive form. The survey was focussed on industry-oriented degree programmes – Business Administration, Economics and Law, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Business Information Systems and Natural Sciences.

For the degree programmes Computer Science, Business Information Systems and Industrial Engineering, the personnel managers rated Karlsruhe University Germany’s best university of applied sciences when it comes to preparing the students for their future job – so that’s three times number one in this year’s university ranking. For the programmes Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences was rated number two. Thus, for these five engineering, computer science and economics programmes, it counts among the two best universities of applied sciences – and is Germany’s most successful one in this ranking.

“High-quality university programmes combined with a strong focus on practical content are essential for industry and business,” says Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Meisel, President of Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. He is pleased about the university’s excellent results achieved in the latest ranking: “The response from personnel managers of German companies regarding the graduates from our university has been so positive that we’re in Germany’s top group for numerous disciplines, and this speaks for the quality of our university programmes. We are particularly proud of the fact that the outstanding results of recent years have even been exceeded while improving our competitive edge. Moreover, this clearly shows our students and applicants how much industry and business are interested in recruiting them after graduation.”

25 May, 2010

2010 trendence ranking of IT graduates

The trendence Institut in Berlin conducted a Germany-wide survey of 6,852 IT students who were about to graduate.

Among German higher education institutions and universities of applied sciences, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences HsKA was ranked in the following issues:

  • Career service: first/first
  • Practical orientation of the curriculum: first/first
  • Cooperation with industry: first/first
  • Quality of teaching: first/first
  • Mentoring by professors and lecturers: second/first
  • Pastoral care: position 7/position 5
  • Quality and updating of the library: position 9/position 4
  • Service: position 6/position 3

August 2010

2010 CHE ranking

New Ranking Results for Engineering - In new CHE ranking Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences takes top positions for their study programmes

The CHE University Ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed university ranking in the German-speaking countries. Altogether, 200,000 students and 15,000 professors were surveyed. Its results are presented today, on 4 May 2010, in the new “Zeitstudienführer 2010/11“ (“Zeit Study Guide 2010/11”).

Each year, one third of the study subjects is reevaluated. This year it were humanities and engineering, psychology and educational science. The findings for the study programmes offered by Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences were excellent. The Civil Engineering programmes took top positions in four categories: the overall study situation, support for students, research funding and general academic reputation. Compared to the previous survey, the department could improve its ratings and move to the lead group in two categories, which makes Karlsruhe number three among the German universities of applied sciences.

In Electrical Engineering and Information Technology the university is in the lead group for the categories “overall study situation” and “support for students”. This department was also able to improve its ratings in two categories.

Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences further received excellent ratings for Mechanical Engineering: Here it is in the lead group for the categories: overall study situation, support for students, research funding and general academic reputation. It shares the best ranking for German universities of applied sciences with three other universities.

4 May, 2010