Bachelor's degree programs at HsKA

Faculty of Architecture & Civil Engineering (AB)

Architektur (Architecture), w
Bauingenieurwesen (Civil Engineerig)
Bauingenieurwesen trinational (Civil Engineering, Tri-national), w
Baumanagement und Baubetrieb (Construction Management and Economics)
Infrastructure Engineering, w

Faculty of Computer Science & Business Information Systems (IWI)

Informatik (Computer Science)
Internationales IT Business (International IT Business)
Medien- und Kommunikationsinformatik (Computer Science, Media and Communications)
Wirtschaftsinformatik (Business Information Systems)

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering & Mechatronics (MMT)

Fahrzeugtechnologie (Automotive Engineering)
Maschinenbau (Mechanical Engineering)
Mechatronik (Mechatronics)
These three programs are also offered as German-French double degree program option in cooperation with ENSMM in Besançon, France. See the Faculty's German-language webpages for details on the international specialization: German-French Double Degree MMT

Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Information Technology (EIT)

Elektrotechnik – Automatisierungstechnik (Electrical Engineering - Industrial Automation)
Elektrotechnik – Energietechnik und Erneuerbare Energien (Electrical Engineering - Power Engineering and Renewable Energy)
Elektrotechnik – Informationstechnik (Electrical Engineering - Information Technology)
Elektrotechnik – Sensorik (Electrical Engineering - Sensor Technology)

Faculty of Information Management and Media (IMM)

Geodäsie und Navigation (Geodesy and Navigation), w
Geoinformationsmanagement (Geo-Information Management), w
Kommunikation und Medienmanagement (Communication and Media Management), w
Verkehrssystemmanagement (Transportation Management), w

Faculty of Management Science & Engineering (W)

International Management
Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (Business Administration and Engineering)

All bachelor's degree programs are taught in German. For application to these programs, very good German language knowledge is required and has to be proven with an appropriate certificate. A short description in English of the programs is provided. All other information on these degree programs is available in German only, links lead to the German language part of the HsKA website.

w: program starts in winter semester only; s: program starts in summer semester only



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