Looking for a place to stay?

As there are eight higher education institutions in Karlsruhe, the rooms in a student hall of residence are strongly sought after. Therefore we recommend that you start dealing with the accommodation matter as soon as possible.

The International Office of HsKA has a small number of rooms in a hall of residence at its disposal, as applicants at the Studierendenwerk (Student Services) are usually placed on a one-semester waiting list. Students to the international programs and exchange students will receive information about the application procedure when they receive their admission, or shortly afterwards. But remember, first come first served, only if you apply in time we can guarantee that you will receive a room at a hall of residence for your first semester in Karlsruhe.

Regular bachelor's and master's degree students will find the following links helpful in order to look for a room at a hall of residence or at private lodgings.

For more information about the student halls of residence managed by the Studierendenwerk, please see the following website.

The Verein der Freunde der Hochschule Karlsruhe offers rooms in the Karl-Hans-Albrecht-Haus.

The Hadiko is a hall of residence which is managed by students themselves.

It is possible to stay for a few days in the Youth Hostel, which is right next to the HsKA campus, or book a temporary holiday accommodation at casamundo or 9flats.

The following portals can help you find a flat or a room in a shared student flat ("WG"):

shared student flat search engine by German Rectors' Conference




Wohngemeinschaft -











The German-language portal Vergleich provides information how best to apply for a room in a WG or what living there entails.

The following, German-language newspapers include advertisements for rooms:

  • Badische Neueste Nachrichten, Karlsruhe's local daily paper. The Saturday edition contains the largest number of advertisements.
  • Der Kurier, a weekly paper for advertisements and official announcements, which is distributed free-of-charge in people's letterboxes, or available at the office in Amalienstraße by Thursday 6 p.m.
  • Sperrmüll, available at newspaper agents' or as online platform.