Center of Applied Research

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The Center for Applied Research CAR is the central institution for academic and interdisciplinary research and development at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. We provide help and expertise for professors, students, and companies with the organizational side of their research plans and projects.


As a service institution of HsKA, the CAR supports professors with carrying out their research and development projects. This means comprehensive services: CAR searches for suitable funding, helps with drawing up the research proposal and finally organizes the entire project management of the different research projects. Thus, the project director can focus entirely on the scientific side of the project. For > details please see the German-language pages.


The CAR also helps student research assistants with administrative matters of their job, e.g. information about the work contract or billing. For > details please see the German-language website.


The CAR offers a platform for companies which want to carry out joint research projects, which wish to commission research, or which need answers about tomorrow's products. In the case of publicly-funded research consortia, the CAR represents the partner for the companies. As a regional, national, or international company, you are welcome to contact the CAR for technological questions. For > details please see the German-language website.


Center of Applied Research

building LI, room 115
Moltkestr. 30, 76133 Karlsruhe
Email sekretariat.carspam

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