Institute for Digital Materials Science

The Institut für Digitale Materialforschung IDM (Institute for Digital Materials Science) focuses on the development of new modelling and simulation techniques for applications to computational materials science and for optimization of production technology concepts. > IDM webpages

Geomatics Research Group

The Forschergruppe Geomatik FGG (Geomatics Research Group) is helps with research and development in the areas of geodesy, cartography, and geoinformatics. > FGG webpages

Institute for Optofluidics and Nanophotonics

At the Institute for Optofluidics and Nanophotonics (IONAS), medical research is linked to the modern technologies of nanophotonics and optofluidics.. > IONAS webpages

Institute of Traffic Planning and Infrastructure Management

The Institut für Verkehrsplanung und Infrastrukturmanagement IVI (Institute of Traffic Planning and Infrastructure Management) was founded in 2015 and has currently five professors from the Faculties of Architecture & Civil Engineering and Information Management & Media working on various projects. > IVI webpages

Institute for Computers in Education (ICe)

Information technology permeates all areas of life, and digital end devices are the only possibility to manage knowledge. The ICe carries out research on the interface between learning and computer science. > ICe webpages (in German language only)

Intelligent Systems Research Group

The scientific field of our Intelligent Systems Research Group (ISRG) focuses on gaining information from data by means of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We develop scientific methods and transfer technologies in the following areas ... > ISRG website


Center of Applied Research

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