Study start information (SSI)

Invitation from the data center to all new foreign students (Summersemester 2021)

The data center of the 'Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences' (HsKA) welcomes and kindly invites you to an introductory event about the various IT-systems and IT-services provided by the university.
We are going to inform you about how to get the login-credentials, about the use of your email-account, the university networks and much more...


This semester (Summersemester 21) the IT introductory event is exclusively going to be an online-event (there will NOT be an event on campus):

Monday, March 8th, 2021

!Please note: Due to a fixture clash with the german language courses, the timetable got pushed back 60 minutes! New starting time:
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm CET (UTC +1) (More or less open end, if you still have questions)

We are going to use the online conference tool 'GoToMeeting' (GTM).
You can easily join the event by clickling the following link:
You need to use the Chrome-Browser (browser-based-version) or you need follow the prompt to dowload the GoToMeeting-App.
Please also download the GoToMeeting-App, if you encounter any problems with the browser-based-version.

See you on Monday the 8th.
Thank you.

Your data center of the HsKA.

Rechenzentrum (RZ) - Zentrale Benutzerberatung
Phone: +49.721.925.2305

IT consultation hours


While official lectures take place:
Monday to Friday (8:00 am until 2:00 pm)

Monday to Friday (10:00 am until 1:00 pm)

You can reach us via phone and e-mail:

Phone: +49.721.925.2305

You can most likely also find the answer(s) to your question(s) at:

The most important information about the IT-systems and and IT-services provided by the HsKA:

How to get your username and password:

You can use ourFLOW CHART to get your IT login-credentials!


Presentation about the most used IT-systems and services

We will intoduce you to the most important and most used IT-systems and services which you are going to need for your studies:
IT introduction for new students (english)

Where do I find important documents concerning my studies?

CampusCard (Summersemester 2021: for an "online-only" semester you migh not receive an physical card via mail)

The following data can be acquired from your CampusCard:



subject of your studies

matricuation number (5-digit, for example 52830)

Online Service 2 (Studentische Selbstverwaltung, SSV)

All relevant documents concerning your studies are available in the SSV

  1. Log in to the SSV with your IZ-username and password
  2. Click on "Studiumsverwaltung" then "Studienbescheinigungen"
  3. Download the required documents

The following documents are available:

  • Data control sheet with your personal application data
  • confirmation of enrollment
  • public transportation certificate (KVV‐Bescheinigung)
  • IZ username and password (Initiale IZ‐Zugangsdaten)

While logged in to the SSV you can also acquire your personal TAN-list which is required among other things to sign up for exams.

  1. Navigate to "Allgemeine Verwaltung" in the left column
  2. Click on "TAN-Verwaltung"
  3. Follow the steps described on that page and generate yourself a TAN-list.

Please note: an English description of this process can be found in the flyer IT-services for students.

Which IT-systems of the university can I use?

University IT-systems (internet, email, ...)

Every student of the Hochschule Karlsruhe - Technik und Wirtschaft (HsKA) has access to the IT-infrastructure provided by the Informationszentrum (IZ):

  • Internet/intranet
  • University email
  • Wireless networks
  • Online-services
  • ...

In order to gain access to the different IT-services a valid IZ-account (IZ-username and password) is required. The IZ-username and password are provided to the students after successfull enrollment (i.e. after receiving your CampusCard).

IZ-account (basics)

The IZ-account is based on the data that is printed on your campus card.

An IZ-account includes your 

  • IZ-username and password
  • University (HsKA) email address
  • Personal storage

IZ-username & password (login credentials for the university IT-systems)

Your IZ-username and password are based on the students database.

The IZ-username consists of four letters followed by four digits. The initial password consists of eight letters.

For example:

IZ-username: mami1029 

IZ-password: Hvf5GHjk

University provided email address (HsKA email)

Your HsKA email address is as follows:



Log in to your email account: using your IZ-username and password.

Personal file storage

The university provides you with personal file storage.

Size: 2 GB for data


The personal file storage can be accessed from every pool-computer on campus as well as from your personal device using the following address: \\\dfs\HS\Homes

Please note: in order to access your personal file storage from your personal device, it has to be connected to the HsKA8021x on campus or using a VPN-connection from home. (Manual for VPN: network-flyer)

ILIAS e-learning platform

ILIAS is a web based e-learning platform on which teachers and professors can provide materials for courses (e.g. scripts, reader).

Log in to ILIAS using your IZ-username and password (e.g. mami1037 + password)

Course catalogue (LSF)

LSF is a the main course catalogue for most courses that are held at the university.
The LSF can be used to search for and to sign in to some courses e.g. language classes.

Log in with your IZ-username and password (mami1037 + password).

Please note: For some transactions in the LSF a TAN-list is needed (the TAN-list can be generated in the SSV).

The Advanced Web Management (AWM)

In the AWM (Advanced Web Management) you can manage your IZ-account:

  • change your IZ-password
  • activate the spam-filter



Please note:

  • login is only possible with your IZ-username and password
  • the AWM is only accessible from the internal network (intranet only)

Intranet only means, the AWM is accessible via the pool-computers on the campus or from home using a VPN-connection.

Further information about VPN can be found here:

Change IZ-password

In order to change your initial IZ-Password which is printed in the document "Initiale IZ-Zugangsdaten" you have to click on the button

Passwort ändern in the AWM.

Note: intranet only!
see "The Advanced Web Management (AWM)"


IZ-User Helpdesk
Opening Hours:

Mo-Fr 8am - 2pm

Building LI Room 133
Moltkestr. 30, 76133 Karlsruhe
Phone +49(0)721 925-2305
Fax +49(0)721 925-2301
Email iz-helpdeskspam

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Facility plan