Who is eligable?

Your Bachelor degree should be in the area of electronics, instrumentation, control, automation with a strong background in natural sciences.
There is nearly no chance for Business Administration, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. Pure Physics or Chemistry degrees must be combined with strong personal interest in electronics. Duration of the Bachelor is normally 4 years.
The marks should be first division. The Sensor Systems Technology program runs at a very high level.
You must be able to manage a high workload. The programme is thought to be a 40 working hours a week programme, throughout the year.

The language prerequisites are:

TOEFLPaperbased minimum 550, Computerbased 213, Internetbased 83
TOEFL Pretests, TOEFL like TestsCan not be accepted
Cambridge UCLESC or above
IELTS6 or above
AEB Test in EnglishGrade 3
CETCET - 6 is needed