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Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences offers degree programs in the engineering, computer science, business, and media fields. These programs are taught across the following six faculties: Architecture and Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Information Management and Media, Computer Science and Business Information Systems, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics, as well as Management Science and Engineering.

Alongside teaching, research plays a vital role at the university. It is one of its core competencies and is seen as an important part of its profile. Continuing academic education also occupies an important position and allows the University to fulfil its legal mandate.

The campus is located on the edge of the Hardt forest, yet within walking distance from the city center. The rapid growth of the university in recent years has made it necessary to make use of satellite buildings, which include Amalienstraße, Hoffstraße, Daimlerstraße, and Hertzstraße. In Bruchsal, on the premises of the former International University, the University has established, in cooperation with the SEW-Eurodrive company, the Institute of Energy Efficient Mobility (IEEM), a research campus dedicated to electric mobility.


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