Mission statement of Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences

Bright minds with a profile of academic knowledge

The university provides its students with an application-oriented tertiary education that prepares them very well for their future tasks, since it imparts specialist knowledge as well as socio-cultural competence and an ethical sense of responsibility.

Create added value

The further expansion of applied research activity is of major importance for the university. The research institutes of the university see themselves as partners of small and medium-sized companies for research and development.

Think globally, act worldwide

International orientation represents another building block of teaching that equips the students optimally for a globalized job market.

Bundle competencies, open up potentials

Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences is an integral part of the university town Karlsruhe and is firmly involved in numerous cooperation projects in the technology region Karlsruhe.

Achieve more through continuing education

By offering continuing education courses that impart knowledge and methods for industry and commerce, the university fulfils its service mandate.

Foster trust, develop prospects, reward achievement and ensure equal opportunities

The appropriate infrastructure and a positive working environment are prerequisites for a high-quality learning and working culture in which students and employees of the university can develop their greatest potential and commitment.