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HsKA structure as text-only


University Council
Senior Management
Board of Trustees


Architecture and Civil Engineering (AB)
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (EIT)
Computer Science and Business Information Systems (IWI)
Information Management and Media (IMM)
Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics (MMT)
Management Science and Engineering (W)

Academic Institutions

Institute of Applied Research (IAF)
Institute of Materials and Processes (IMP)
Foreign Language Institute (IFS)
Institute for Continuing Education in the Sciences (IWW)
Laboratory for Automation Technology (LAT); EIT / IWI
Institute of Energy Efficient Mobility (IEEM)
Institute of Geomatics (IfG); G
Institute of Geotechnical Engineering and Road Construction (IGS)
Institute of Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, and Environmental Technology (IKKU); MMT
Institute of Natural Sciences Education for Engineers (INIG); EIT
Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering (VAW); AB

Service Institutions

Information Center (IZ)
Alumni and Career Services (ACS)
Construction Materials Testing Center (ÖBP)
Academic Library (FBH)

Administrative Services

International Office (AAA)
Public Relations and Marketing Office (GÖM)
Office for the Coordination of University Bodies (RHG)
Service Center for Teaching and Learning (SCSL)
Finances (FIN)
Facility Management (GM)
Human Resources (PE)
Student Registry (ST)
Structure & Organization (SO)
Supply Management (BM)
Quality Management (QM)

Service Institutions for the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg

Commission for the Enhancement of University Teaching (GHD)
Liaison Office for Integrated Traineeships (KOOR)
Center for the Enhancement of Ethics in Science and Engineering (RTWE)