The publications by Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, which you will find listed below, are mostly in German language. The research report "Forschung aktuell" may contain some reports in English and provides introductory descriptions to the projects in English.


1st edition dated October 2014, German-language only: brochure for the information and guidance of pupils and applicants to bachelor programs. You can order the brochure free-of-charge by contacting us via goem[at]

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magazin - the HsKA magazine

magazin is published every semester and gives information about latest news and developments at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

For the different editions of magazin, see German-language pages

Campusleben - the annual report

Campusleben is the official annual report by the President. 

For the different editions of Campusleben, see German-language pages

Forschung aktuell - the research report

Forschung aktuell is published once a year and contains information about HsKA research projects. 

You can download the different editions of Forschung aktuell on the German-language pages, or order the magazine at the Public Relations and Marketing Office GÖM.


This catalogue is published at the beginning of each semester and includes information about the courses available for this semester. It can be bought at Karlsruhe bookstores and at the information desk of the Student Registry, in building R.


SMAKH is the magazine by the architecture section within the Faculty of Architecture and Construction Engineering; it is published every semester.


The HsKA magazine on marketing.

For more information on markeZin, see German-language pages.