HsKA's position in recent national rankings

According to a survey carried out among the first-year students of Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HsKA), the main criteria to select this particular institution are "high quality of education" and "degree program". About 40% of the applicants, however, rely on rankings when making their choice.

Recent national rankings have confirmed that Hochschule Karlsruhe – Technik und Wirtschaft (HsKA) is one of Germany’s top universities of applied sciences for several years running now.

Top notch ratings for degree programs

CHE University Ranking 2018/19 in the current ZEIT Study Guide: Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences - again rated at the top for its degree programs in computer science

Each year, the CHE university ranking assesses one third of the degree subjects offered. This year, the ranking included the computer science degree programs of Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HsKA). Once again, HsKA achieved excellent results and was ranked within the top group in four out of five central assessment categories: its computer science students particularly appreciated the overall study situation and the support they received from teaching staff. The students also emphasized that they were very pleased with the organization of the degree programs, the career guidance offers and the IT infrastructure. HsKA was also rated at the top for "graduation within reasonable time". This category looks at the share of students that completed their studies within the standard period of study, plus one or two semesters. In the category "business contacts”, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences was also ranked among the best. This category includes the assessment of practical elements, excursions, practice-oriented courses, contact with external professionals during lectures, and the interactive exchange with professionals during the final thesis phase.

The results obtained for other degree programs are taken from the CHE rankings of previous years. In 2017, HsKA was rated top for its degree programs in Business Information Systems and its Bachelor's degree program in International IT Business: It ranked among the best in three assessment criteria, namely international orientation, business contacts and the overall study situation. In Business Administration, the study programs offered by HsKA in International Management as well as the Master's degree program Tricontinental Master in Global Studies were ranked. They also obtained top ratings in three categories: graduation within a reasonable time frame, business contacts, and support for students during the beginning of their studies. HsKA’s degree programs in Business Administration & Engineering and its new Master's degree program in Technology Entrepreneurship were ranked at the top in the categories international orientation and business contacts.

In 2016, excellent results were obtained for the Mechanical engineering degree programs of HsKA in four categories: graduation within a reasonable time frame, support provided to students by the teaching staff, relevance for job market and employment, and the overall study situation. The Civil Engineering degree programs of the university were rated top flight in four categories: graduation within a reasonable time frame, business contacts, overall study situation and international orientation. The Mechatronics degree programs managed to obtain top ratings in two categories: graduation within a reasonable time frame and business contacts. The Architecture degree programs of HsKA were also rated among the front runners in the categories graduation within reasonable time frame and overall study situation.

"The results of renowned university rankings", emphasizes Prof. Dr. Frank Artinger, President of Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, "have confirmed the high quality of our programs for years now. This is largely due to the close dovetailing of our teaching and applied research. It opens up the best career opportunities for our graduates worldwide. The results clearly reflect the practical approach and international orientation of our study programs - both pivotal, strategic goals of the university education we offer.”

The CHE University Ranking is one of the most comprehensive and detailed university rankings in the German-speaking countries. Altogether over 300 universities, more than 2,700 faculties and 10,000 degree programs were taken into account. Besides looking at the degree programs, teaching, equipment and research, the ranking also accounts for the ratings given by over 150,000 students on the study conditions at their university. The new 2018/19 ZEIT Study Guide, including the ranking results, is available on newsstands from May 8th, 2018.