CHE Master's ranking of December, 2017

Start of December 2017, the latest edition of “ZEIT CAMPUS” was published with a new national ranking of Master’s degrees in the areas of business studies,  economics, business information systems, and management science, compiled by the Center for Higher Education (CHE).

In the subject business studies, HsKA's master's programs International Management and  the Tricontinental Master in Global Studies were both ranked. Both programs achieved top position in several categories, such as "graduation within a reasonable time frame" and "international orientation". They also satisfied students as to the academic feasibility, the equipment of the library premises, and IT infrastructure. The master's program in Business Administration and Engineering was favorably ranked in this subject in the category "graduation within a reasonable time frame". In the subject business information systems, HsKA's master's program by that name satisfied in the categories "international orientation" and "overall study situation".

In this latest ranking, the CHE merged data from two surveys (conducted respectively from fall 2016 to January 2017, and from April to July 2017), thus comprising judgements of nearly 12,000 students.

Trendence Graduate Barometer – German IT Edition/German Engineering Edition, May 2017

This year, the Berlin trendence Institute has interviewed 5,446 IT students from 62 universities and 11,822 Engineering students from 74 universities for the respective Germany-wide comparison studies "German IT Edition“ and "German Engineering Edition". During the study, HsKA students honored their university with an excellent testimonial.

IT Edition
For seven out of ten central categories, including 28 individual criteria, HsKA achieved decidedly positive assessment by our students in Computer Science and in Business Information Systems. For the evaluation of lecturers and professors, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences was the nationwide top performer of all higher education institutions, including universities. In the category "career consulting/career services", Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences was rated number 1 among all universities of applied sciences (HAWs and FHs) and number 2 among all higher education institutions including universities, and is thus one of the top performers nationwide.

In other categories HsKA achieved the following rankings among all FHs:

  • evaluation of lecturers and professors: number 1
  • quality and up-to-dateness of the library: number 2
  • quality of service and consulting: number 3
  • practical relevance of the studies: number 4
  • study location: number 4
  • cooperation with the industry: number 5

Engineering Edition
In this study as well, HsKA students highly appreciated their university – HsKA was highly ranked in the six following categories out of the ten central categories:

  • evaluation of lecturers and professors
  • internationalization of programs
  • cooperation with the industry
  • career consulting and fostering
  • quality and up-to-dateness of the library
  • practical relevance of the studies