The Senate

The Senate decides on all matters related to research, teaching, studies and further education, if these decisions are not required to be made by other central organs or faculties by law.

Term of office for professors, academic staff and employees of administration: 01.09.2014–31.08.2018

Term of office for students: 01.09.2017–31.08.2018

Members of the Senate

Senior Management (ex officio members)President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Artinger
Vice-President Prof. Dr. Dieter Höpfel
Vice-President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franz Quint
Vice-President for Business Affairs Daniela Schweitzer
Deans (ex officio members)Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erwin Schwing, Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Grünhaupt, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Prof. Franz Nees, Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems
Prof. Dr. Michael Tewes, Faculty of Information Management and Media
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Weiß, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Schopen, Faculty of Management Science and Engineering
Equal Opportunities Officer (ex officio member)Prof. Sissi Closs
Professors (elected members)Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Urmersbach, Fk. AB
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Urban Brunner, Fk. EIT
Prof. Dr. Albrecht Ditzinger, Fk. IWI
Prof. Dr. Klaus Dürrschnabel, Fk. IMM
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Catherina Burghart, Fk. MMT
Prof. Dr. Stefan Bleiweis, Fk. W
Academic Staff (elected members)Bernhard Beck
Helga Gabler
Administration and Technical Staff (elected members)Cordula Boll
Christian Briest
Students (elected members)Natalie Dach
Stephanie Lackner
Mark Burdziag
Scarlett Weber
Student Union Representative (advisory)N.N.



In order to address essential issues, the Senate has constituted the following committees:

  • Committe on International Matters
  • Academic Library Committe
  • IT Committee
  • System Accreditation Advisory Committee
  • Committee to Ensure Good Academic Practice

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