Geschäftsstelle für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Marketing GÖM (Public Relations and Marketing Office)

The Public Relations and Marketing Office is an organization of Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. It serves as the communicative interface between the university and the public. It provides up-to-date information about the university and its entire service portfolio to specific target groups and the public throughout the whole of Germany. It thereby employs all modern tools and instruments of PR and marketing. Among other tasks it is responsible for coordinating and conducting all press and media relations of the university.

The Science Communication Services are a department of the Public Relations and Marketing Office. They handle university marketing, including all its measures and events, on a national level: they organize trade fair presentations, are in charge of the content management system/Internet (for user content) and the design of the university templates. They are further responsible for the editing and layout of the annual research report.

The School Project Services organize and support so-called “Taster Course” projects and activities ("Schnupperstudium"). The “taster course” is meant to demonstrate the practical aspects of science and engineering to school students – complement what they have learned at school – and to show them the special profile of the university and its specific degree programs. The School Project Services are further the contact for all schools, institutions and companies interested in cooperating with the university on school/university projects.

Geschäftsstelle für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Marketing (GÖM)
Director:Holger Gust, M. A.
Building R, room 207
phone (0721) 925-1016
fax (0721) 925-1005
Secretary:Gerlinde Schuller
Building R, room 206
phone (0721) 925-1008
fax (0721) 925-1005

Science Communication Services:Cordula Boll M. A.
Building R, room 212
phone (0721) 925-1014
fax (0721) 925-1005
School Project Services:Norma Pralle M. A.
Building R, room 212
phone (0721) 925-1013
fax (0721) 925-1005

Design:Alfons Muntean
Building R, room 206
phone (0721) 925-1057
fax (0721) 925-2000