New Content 2017/18

From winter semester 2017/18 we will offer new modules and content with a focus on the following six fields of specialization:

  • Geoinformatics: Web processing services and OpenSource GIS
  • Geovisualization: Computer-aided visualization, communication and use of geospatial information
  • Geobusiness: Location-aware spatial analysis based on economic principles
  • Environment: Monitoring and managing our changing natural environment by means of GIS and remote sensing
  • Geodesy: Engineering photogrammetry and geod-esy for automated information extraction
  • Navigation: GNSS/MEMS integrated precise navigation for outdoor and indoor applications

Lectures of the International Geomatics Master Program

1st semester (winter semester)

weekly hrECTS
Required lectures

Module GMCM101 Statistics, Adjustment & Reference Systems

Statistics and Adjustment
Reference Systems and Positioning


Module GMCM102 Thematic Cartography

Thematic Cartography
GIS Programming


Module GMCM103 GIS & Databases

Data Models and Databases


Module GMCM104 Photogrammety & Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing


Module GMCM105 Scientific Work, Language & Rhetoric

General Studies (Studium Generale)
Foreign Language / German (by IfS)


2nd semester (summer semester)

weekly hrECTS

Required lectures

Module GMCM201 Specific Basics

Human Geography
Facility Management
(2 out of 3 courses)


Module GMCM202 GIS-Project & Management

GIS-Project & Management


Module GMCM203 Soft Skills

General Studies (Studium Generale)
Foreign Language / German (by IfS)

weekly hrECTS

Elective lectures (2 out of 4 modules)

Module GMCM501 Location Based Services (LBS)

Construction of Spatial Models & Topology
Visualisation & Applications of Location Based Services

2 x 4 = 82 x 6 = 12

Module GMCM502 Satellite Geodesy & Geodetic Monitoring

Satellite Geodesy
Geodetic Monitoring

Module GMCM503 Visualisation of Spatial Information on the Internet

Script Languages
Advanced Visualisation

Module GMCM504 Mathematical Geodesy & Adjustment

Mathematical Geodesy

3rd semester (winter semester)

weekly hrECTS
Required lectures

Module GMCM301 Open Source GIS
(alternatively to GMCM302)

Introduction to Open Source GIS
Open Source GIS project


or Module GMCM302 Navigation Technologies & Mobile GIS (alternatively to GMCM301)

Introduction to Navigation Navigation & Mobile GIS
Navigation Technologies & Mobile GIS Developments


Module GMCM303 Software Engineering & Programming

Software Engineering

weekly hrECTS

Elective lectures (3 out of 6 modules)

Module GMCM601 Satellite Image Analysis

Satellite Image Analysis
Practical Satellite Image Analysis

3 x 4 = 123 x 6 = 18

Module GMCM602 Thematic Visualisation

New Capabilities in Advanced Thematic Cartography
Visualisation of Time-dependent Statistical Data and Dynamic Processes

Module GMCM603 Spatial Analysis

Theory of Geostatistics
Application of Geostatistical Methods

Module GMCM604 Digital Signal Processing & Numerical Methods

Digital Signal Processing
Numerical Methods

Module GMCM605 Physical Geodesy

Physical Geodesy

Module GMCM606 Engineering Photogrammetry & Engineering Geodesy

Engineering Photogrammetry
Engineering Geodesy

4th semester, Master's Thesis

weekly hrECTS
Master's Thesis
GMCM401 Seminar for Master's Thesis   1 month       5
GMCM402 Master's Thesis   5 months      22
GMCM403 Colloquium for Master's Thesis        -       3