HAWtech - German Alliance for Applied Sciences 

Six leading universities of applied sciences in the field of engineering sciences founded the national “German Alliance for Applied Sciences “ (HAWtech).

The founding universities were: Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Dresden University of Applied Sciences, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.


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Summer School


In oder to encourage the mobility and exchange of students from different universities, a joint program - the HAWtech Summer School, was launched.

The target group of this program are Bachelor-students of engineering sciences (at least from the 2nd semester) who want to deepen their knowledge in automotive technology.

The program consists of lectures, group work, discussions and larboratory work as well as visits to leading companies. This year, the two-weeks Summer School will take place in Berlin, Dresden and Karlsruhe.
Of Course, there will be a variety of leisure activities in each city.

The Summer School can be accredited as an elective course. A total of 4 ECTS can be given for participating in the Summer School.


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