About the International Program

Designed to meet the needs and interests of international exchange students who prefer to study in English, the program is composed of lectures from our regular degree programs, as well as complementary studies that are unique to this program. IP students are also encouraged to attend German language classes. Through the seminars in the complementary studies the students become easily acquainted with their new study environment, whereas the lectures and seminars with their German fellow students offer them the opportunity to interact in an international environment. The study program thus supports the international career development of our incoming exchange students.

The International Program allows for great flexibility in the selection of individual courses and thus gives students the opportunity to acquire a sufficient number of ECTS credit points. The lectures from the regular degree program, lasting from two to four teaching hours per week throughout the semester, are in most cases given by professors of the university. The complementary studies are providing additional skills and competences that are indispensable in a global world of business and trade. These seminars are either taking place on a weekly basis throughout the semester or carried out as intensive seminars lasting from three to five days. The visiting lecturers for these seminars include representatives of high-level management of business and industry with a wealth of professional experience in their respective fields.



International Program

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