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Photo Contest – Changing Perspectives

The photo exhibition “Changing Perspectives” in Building B was inaugurated on the 12th of April. Twenty pictures will be exhibited in the foyer throughout the Summer Semester 2018.

The first prize winner is Yangjungxiong Wang with his picture “Oh Snow”, taken on the university campus. “Snow is very common for Germans, but it is new and attractive to my friends from Mexico and Brazil. I would say, we should not ignore the small things around us, like snow. They make our life different and beautiful.” Mr. Wang is a twenty-seven year old Sensor Systems Technology master degree student from China. He has been learning about photography since primary school but only after his bachelor’s degree did he start taking it seriously. “No matter if it’s with a camera or a smartphone, I am happy to capture the beauty around me. Everyone has their own way to describe their opinions, while I use photos to show my passion for life.”

The second prize was awarded to Alexander Raudzus for his submission of “Geblendet” (Blinded), taken in Hidalgo, Mexico during his semester abroad. Mr. Raudzus studies Industrial Engineering and sent in this picture explaining that a friend introduced him to photography: “There are so many factors to consider when you can just take out your smartphone and get a similar result. It took me some years to really start enjoying the process of taking a picture. Nowadays I'm completely unable to perceive my surroundings without thinking of a potential picture to take”.

The third prize place went to “Perfekter Zufall” (Perfect Coincidence) by Felix Reif, who is currently writing his Bachelor’s thesis in Civil Engineering. The picture was taken in a hostel in Lisbon, Portugal. Mr. Reif commented, “I love to take photographs and trying out new things in photography.
I loved how the light created the amazing pattern. For me the symmetry looks so perfect even though it's just a funny coincidence from the street lights across the street.”

The competition was sponsored by the Center of Competence and its theme “Changing Perspectives” challenged students to submit pictures that show a different point of view about the world. Thirty-five pictures were submitted, shot in Karlsruhe as well as in Morocco, Peru, Hungary, Spain, Mexico, USA, and many more countries. Some of the topics included climate change, tourism, intercultural differences and travel. Congratulations to all participants and winners.

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